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Toddle About Magazine

The Toddle About Magazine is a lovely, glossy A5 magazine that is packed full of useful local information for families with bumps, babies, and toddlers aged 0-5 years. magazine covers

The Toddle About magazine is currently being published as a digital Lockdown Activity Guide.

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The Toddle About Magazine is currently available in five areas.

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Not in your area yet?

We're looking for mums or dads who would like to set up and run their own Toddle About magazine in their area. Contact us to find out more!

Do I have to subscribe?

No! We distribute Toddle About for free through toddler groups & classes, libraries, leisure centres, local businesses, nurseries, Sure Start Centres, children's play centres, Health Visitors, midwives, hospitals, GP surgeries and many more places.

These copies are obviously available on a first come, first served basis however.