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If you're a Toddle About VIP Club member, every quarter we will send you an email showing you what great prizes we have for the upcoming quarter (this is sent just after the release of the magazine) and all you have to do is select which ones you would like to be put in the hat for a chance to win, it really is that simple - we'll then contact you if you win!

You will need to be a subscriber before the 24th November 2019 to be entered in to the giveaways below, this will ensure you receive these products in time for Christmas :-)

Here's what's up for grabs for the next quarter:

Christmas Bundle Giveaways worth over £1000


STAR PRIZE Bundle, WORTH over £135

Crunch into Christmas with...The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

One of the most celebrated children's authors of all time, Eric Carle, illustrated and wrote The Very Hungry Caterpillar 50 years ago! Adored by fans of all ages around the world, if you put every copy of the book sold back to back, they would stretch all the way around the world!

A delightful array of The Hungry Caterpillar merchandise is now available nationwide, and by being a VIP Club member you can be in with a chance of winning some of the brand's new and favourite products:

* Bug Goggles
* Christmas Ceramic Bauble
* Clothing
* Toiletries
* Necklace
* Christmas Book
* Activity Caterpillar
* Advent Calendar

Baby Christmas Bundle

Baby Christmas Bundle, WORTH over £370

We have the following amazing items in our Baby Christmas Bundle Giveaway:

* Talking Bing Soft Toy worth £15.99
* Izmi Limited Edition Baby Carrier worth £85
* Poco Nido Leather Midi Shoes worth £36
* Teddy The Tiger Bamboo Tableware worth £15.99
* Charlie The Circus Horse Toy worth £9.95
* Mamas & Papas Bundle, containing: My First Christmas Bauble, Bear Soft Toy, Bear Comforter, Advent Calendar, Small Santa Stocking, Christmas Activity Book and Santa Clause Soft Toy worth £88
* How To Travel With Kids (Without Losing Your Mind) Book worth £4.25
* Bizzi Growin 2 in 1 Pod Bag worth £65
* Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator & Vapour Oil worth £15.78
* The First Letters of Christmas Book worth £24.99
* There Was A Black Hole That Swallowed the Universe worth £13.99

Toddler Christmas Bundle

Toddler Christmas Bundle, WORTH over £220

We have the following amazing items in our Toddler Christmas Bundle Giveaway:

* Mr Tumble Sorting Bus worth £19.99
* Hey Duggee Puzzle Clock with Stand worth £12.99
* Orchard Toys Dirty Dinos Game worth £8.00
* Munchkin Raise Fork and Spoon worth £9.99
* Who Says Ho HO HO? Book worth £6.99
* Space Age Rocket Cup and Straw worth £8.95
* Charlie The Lion Xylophone worth £19.95
* The Humble Co. Toothbrushes worth £16.00
* SmartGames - Brain Train worth £24.99
* The First Letters of Christmas Book worth £24.99
* How To Travel With Kids (Without Losing Your Mind) Book worth £4.25
* Mr Tumble Stacking Train worth £12.99
* Bing Light Up Talking Bing With Hoppity worth £29.99
* Ravensburger That's Not My...My First Floor Puzzle worth £8.99
* There Was A Black Hole That Swallowed the Universe worth £13.99

Preschool Christmas Bundle

Preschool Christmas Bundle, WORTH over £330

We have the following amazing items in our Preschool Christmas Bundle Giveaway:

* Dinosaur Maxi Hama Beads Set worth £10.00
* EasyRead Time Teacher Wall Clock, Wrist Watch & Practise Time-Teaching Aid worth £50.00
* Great Little Trading Company Piccolo Cafe worth £65.00
* Little Gibsons Superhero City and Sweet Dreams Memory Games worth £12.00
* The First Letters of Christmas Book worth £24.99
* SmartGames - Brain Train worth £24.99
* There Was A Black Hole That Swallowed the Universe worth £13.99
* How To Travel With Kids (Without Losing Your Mind) Book worth £4.25
* Orchard Toys Giraffes in Scarves Game worth £8.00
* Paint by Sticker Kids: Christmas Book worth £7.99
* Munchkin's Cool Cat Stainless Steel Straw Cup worth £14.99
* T-Rex Projector & Room Guard worth £28.99
* The Tap-Dancing Pigeon of Covent Garden Book worth £6.99
* It's a Long Way to the Moon Book worth £6.99
* Neon Sheep Christmas Bundle: Dinosaur Lunch Box, Enchanted Unicorn Snack Boxes, Narwhal Notebook with Dividers, Outer Space Ring Bound Notebook, 30 Gel Pens, Animal Pencil Case, Sheep Doorstop, Cloud Light, Glow in the Dark Stickers and Plush Dinosaur Toy worth £57.00

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