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Guide to Adding Your Free Listing

Follow these step-by-step instructions and your listing will be live in no time

These short video tutorials walk you through how to add your business and classes/events to the Toddle About website for free.

Once you have watched them, get started at

Video 1: How to Add Your Business to Toddle About


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Video 2: How to Add Classes and Events to your Listing



Please follow these steps to get your sessions to turn up in parents' searches for family activities near them:

1) Login at

2) Create your Organisation if you're starting from scratch. You will see a list of your addresses including your main address and an 'Online' address.

3) If you're adding online sessions, click 'Activate' next to your online address. If you run sessions at a different physical venue, click the 'Add New Venue' button and create it. You can add as many venues as you want.

4) Click the 'Add Event/Class at the Venue' button next to the venue that you run sessions at.

5) Complete the first form - this tells the system about the 'Type of Class'.

6) Then, complete the second form - this tells the system WHEN you are running this Class. We call this adding a 'term', but it could be a course, or even a single event. If you run the same type of class at this venue on different days or times, add a 'term' for each day or time. Use the 'Copy From' function to make this a quick process.

7) If you run different Types of Class at this venue, click on the venue tab and 'Add a New Class'. If you run classes at other venues, click on the Organisation tab and click to 'Add Event/Class' at another venue.


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