VIP Club Frequently Asked Questions

Toddle About VIP Club Membership


How much does VIP Club Membership cost?

Just £1 every 3 months. Payment is made by Direct Debit.


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. Simply email the VIP Club Team with your membership number and tell them you want to cancel. Your membership will be cancelled within 5 days of receiving your message. You can cancel online here


Can I change the date my Direct Debit is paid?

Yes. Simply email the VIP Club Team with your membership number and tell them what day of the month you would prefer your membership fee to be paid.


What benefits does the VIP Club give me?

Loads of cool stuff! Benefits include free postal subscription to the Toddle About Magazine (one area); Automatic entry to prize draw competitions every month; Access to exclusive offers and discounts from our partners; The option to join our VIP Review panel to test products and services and get some freebies at the same time. And more to come!


I haven't received my magazine/membership card

It can take up to a week for your first free magazine to arrive and up to 4 weeks for your membership card to arrive. If it has been longer than this, please contact the VIP Club Team.


How often do I receive the Toddle About Magazine?

If you request a copy at sign up, we will send you the current magazine as soon as possible. New issues of the magazine are then released every January, April, July and October and you will receive your copy hot off the press.


Can I add more magazine regions to my account?

Yes. VIP Club membership includes free subscription to one region of the Toddle About Magazine. If you want to receive more than one region of the magazine, this costs an extra £1 every 3 months to cover postage and packing. The magazine itself is still free. You can add an extra magazine region when you first sign up to The Club by ticking the appropriate box on the sign up form. If you would like to add am extra magazine region at a later date, email the VIP Club Team


How do I enter the monthly competitions?

Once you have signed up to the the VIP Club, you don't need to do anything - all members are automatically entered into our monthly VIP Giveaway Competitions.


What can I win in the monthly Prize Draws?

Every month, all our VIP members are entered into a prize draw to win some fab baby and toddler prizes. Check out upcoming prizes here


What exclusive offers are available?

We're adding new offers all the time. See our current member only offers here.


How do I claim my member offers?

All members receive a membership card and a unique member number - most VIP Offers can be claimed by either presenting the card in person, or providing your membership number at the time of purchase. Some member offers require a unique code, which members can request from the VIP Home Page.


How do I update my membership details such as address or name?

At the moment, please email the VIP Club Team to do this. Soon you will be able to update your profile via the VIP Home Page.

If you have any further questions, please contact us here

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