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Feedback from Toddle About Advertisers, August 2012

Here are some of the things our advertisers said when we asked them how they found advertising in Toddle About in a survery carried out in August 2012.

Click to request our advertising rates"As we came from outside the region, we had not encountered Toddle About previously - but I am delighted we did. We are very keen to work with them again in the future. Toddle About drove a significant amount of traffic to the show. Of all the advertising we did, they were our 2nd most effective advertising outlet and I would say for anyone wanting to target parents in this part of the UK, Toddle About is a MUST. Alongside that they are extremely professional, friendly, efficient and very pleasant to work with. We do hope to be involving them very closely in the promotion our future BabyExpo events in this area."
Suzanne Borrell, Event Director, BabyExpo, www.babyexpobabyshow.co.uk

"I have been advertising in the Toddle About magazine in Warwickshire since its launch. Unlike my experience in other child-focused magazines, I had a response from the first issue and this has continued to happen. I highly recommend advertising with Toddle About!"
Anne Hole, Musical abc

"My business has only been up and running for a year and I advertised in many places to get my brand established. However I have swiflty learnt that money spent on advertising in Toddle About is money well spent as the vast majority of my customers quote 'Toddle About' as where they heard about Dandy Development."
Nikki Sayers, Dandy Development

"We advertise regularly in Toddle About and we feel it hits our target audience. Advertising in this magazine has proven to increase sales for us - thereby making it a cost effective for our advertising budget."
Rugrats and Half Pints Indoor Play Centre

"Toddle about has been nothing but a great success for GO4GOALS since I started the business 2 years ago. I'm gaining new customers all of the time from new magazines and word of mouth from others who've mentioned my free offer. Toddle about promote the business really well and I look to staying with the magazine for as long as I possibly can."
Jason Davies, GO4GOALS

"I used to read and use Toddle About to find regular and seasonal activities to do with my own children before starting my business so it was the very first place I thought to promote my children's yoga class. It currently provides at least 75% of my business leads which obviously makes up the core of my client base. I would recommend advertising in Toddle About to anyone in the industry and also to other local businesses as it is read by household decision makers."
Sam, Yoga Tigers

"Toddle About hit the areas I require and distribute in the correct areas. Since being with them I was only expecting 1 or 2 calls regarding parties per month but I do actually receive more like 3-4 which definitely makes the advert worthwhile. The emails I receive, copies of the magazine and information regarding who has looked at my advert online is fantastic. You are a fantastic magazine to advertise in and the cost is very, very competitive. I certainly have been very happy and would not hesitate to recommend you. Thank you."
Katie, Discomania

"We like working with Toddle About as they do what they say they will do and they are pro-active - thanks guys!"
Water Babies

"I have been very impressed by Toddle about and will hopefully advertise with you again before our next Open Morning which will be 10th May 2013. I was especially appreciative of the promotion on your facebook page and that you sent me a copy showing the editorial about our school. We placed a banner advert on the Toddle About website and I think we got a very positive response from that."
Amanda, Spratton Hall School

"A professional and friendly team, we have felt very comfortable and satisfied in doing business with Toddle About. Our client numbers have grown and we still continue to get people in who say they have come because they have seen our advert in Toddle About."
Salt Cave Milton Keynes

"Toddle About is a brilliant magazine for helping parents to find out what’s on for them and their children throughout Warwickshire. The service they offer to advertisers is friendly, organised and helpful plus the coverage is great. I get so many calls after people have read the latest magazine - so it’s great value for money and the opportunity to promote your business through class listings, articles, reviews and 'what's new' is brilliant."
Baby Sensory Warwickshire

"Monkey Music has supported Toddle About with on-going advertising for the Warwickshire area and we have seen a steady enquiry base from your publication. You've also got a good distribution as we see it everywhere we go, from doctor’s surgeries through to libraries which is encouraging and really helpful to us as a small business."
Monkey Music Stratford upon Avon & Leamington Spa

"Tim and the team are very helpful and not at all pushy & they are there to answer any questions or requests. The regular communication and updates are really useful to me as an advertiser to see if I am getting value for money and the on-line addition to the printed brochure is a good combination. http/www.musicbugs.co.uk/classes/miltonkeynes.php"
Michelle Dixon, Music Bugs MK

"I found the service provided by Toddle About to be very professional and supportive. My advertisements looked fantastic. :-)"
Helen - Sweetness & Delight / Urchin Events

"I find the team at Toddle About very helpful, supportive, open and friendly. I enjoy the articles which are always very interesting and balanced. I have advertised with them for a few years now and know that the magazine is very popular with all the mothers I come into contact with. Therefore I feel they are a good choice to advertise with as it will keep my business familiar to all."
Lizzy Giles – Yogawalks

Click to request our advertising rates"Advertising in Toddle About has really helped spread the word that Sing and Sign Baby Signing classes are available locally for parents - each issue more parents are enrolling using the voucher to receive a discount which is great! Tim has given some sound advice on how to approach advertising and designing an ad. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the publication! I think you rotate the ads in the magazine fairly and this is appreciated."
Pippa Jenkins, Sing and Sign Baby Signing Classes

"I love all my dealings with Toddle About, you're always friendly and do what you say you're going to. Hurrah! Thanks!"
Kiddy Cook, South Warwickshire

"Toddle About is a great way to advertise to people with young people as it is well targeted and is read by people in public places such as play areas and leisure centres. So people pick it up and browse through it. The quality of the print ensures adverts are clear. The customer service we received was great. The team at Toddle About are very professional and respond to any queries promptly. They offer help with all aspects of getting the ad ready and the follow up communication is good too. I would recommend advertising with Toddle About."
West Haddon Pre school

"The Toddle About team are a pleasure to work with!"
Sheila Sheppard, NutriBaby

"Placing our advert in toddle about encouraged people to ring our children’s centre and ask for more information about what we do which is excellent for us as not a lot of people know where our children’s centre is, big thank you to toddle about!"
Lisa Gerrie, NHS Sure Start Children's Centre

"Of all of the magazines I have advertised in over the last couple of years, Toddle About is the only one I have found worth staying with. They have great coverage throughout MK and Northampton and Tim and Eloise are really easy to talk to and always happy to help."

"My experience with Toddle About was very positive, they are very helpful and reliable people to advertise with. They always have time to deal with clients and are more than helpful if you need them to be. Would definitely advertise with them in the future."
Kasia Zaluska Photography

"Toddle About is a fab little magazine packed with really useful information for parents about local products and services, things to do with the kids etc - as a mother of two year old twins I'm always on the lookout for new ideas and toddler classes, and Toddle About never fails to deliver! As an advertiser it reassures me to consider that this great content is ensuring other parents are also reading the magazine, so my advert is getting to my target market :)"
Zoe Pearse, Cherub Charms

"Having an advertisement in the Toddle About Magazine plus details of our various sessions on their website has certainly put us on the map! We now feel more recognised as a Northamptonshire company. Thanks! "
Open Stage

"I found Toddle About great to advertise in, my product is aimed at babies/parents and so the audience the magazine hits really are my ideal customers. It’s a lovely magazine to read, rather than being seen as just a random advertising leaflet that may well just be thrown away, as it is informative to parents who live in the area. A very positive experience."
Leanne Lawrence, Handcrafted Especially For You

"We have found advertising in Toddle About to have increased local awareness of our business and local sales. The team at Toddle About do a great job to promote their advertisers on Facebook and on their website with the opportunity to run competitions."
Amy Jenkins, Toddle Off

"My experience was very good. Toddle About is a very professional magazine and created some good business for me."
Chemdry Xpress

"When I used to advertise with Tim I always found him to be very friendly and approachable. The advertising process was very easy and stress free"
The Well

"It's been great to advertise in a magazine aimed specifically at the age group we need to target. The magazine is very bright and colourful and it's great to be a part of that!"
Jane, Berzerk Indoor Play Centre

"I get great service from Toddle About and many of my customers come to me with the vouchers they have cut out of the magazine. They also help drive traffic to my website. Overall I’m very happy."
Emma, Paint and Glaze

"Toddle About really works ... I always know when Tim is distributing the magazine - that week I get lots of phone calls and take bookings. I don't get the same response from other magazines."
Jo, Little Splashers

"I was impressed with the helpfulness of the staff and their willingness to advise. The cost options also were favourable and the magazine is excellent!"
Brad West, Grey2Blue Financial Solutions

Click to request our advertising rates"Toddle About was my first port of call when I started a new business in 2011. I didn’t even think about any other publications as Toddle About was the one I trusted to find new classes and activities for my children. Tim Freed so easy to talk to, he made me feel more confident in myself and helped me design an advert as I had no experience and very limited skills. Advertising in Toddle About has given me a Customer Base which would have taken years to develop in another publication. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend advertising with Toddle About"
Catherine, The Kids Kitchen

"Our first dip into advertising with Toddle about has been easy going and has begun to enable us to start to get the word out we hope to be able to continue to see our awareness build thanks to Toddle About."
Sherington C of E School

"Toddle About has everything - it's packed full of local information & interesting articles so if you are looking for something specific or just having a break with a coffee, you can't go wrong with Toddle About. Thanks Toddle About, for a great service."
Vanessa Smith, Musical Monkeys

"Although only using the magazine’s web advertising so far, as an advertiser and a user of the magazine, I like the up-beat and colourful message it portrays. I have always been happy to call Tim and ask for advice and tips, and am now planning on expanding my advertising with the magazine."
D Thomas, Inspiration Physiotherapy & Pilates

"It’s early days for me as I only started my classes at the end of April but I am confident that Toddle about magazine will be distributed to my exact target market and believe that it's only a matter of time before numbers pick up."
Sing and Sign, Milton Keynes

"The Free Trial Session Voucher included in the magazine for free with our advert really helps bring in new customers to my business, and the Session Timetable helps my customers easily find my centres on different days in different areas. The team at Toddle About are fantastic too!"
Naomi Rothwell-Smith, Tumble Tots Northampton

"My article on mother and baby yoga generated interest amongst women who probably would not have heard about it or considered it otherwise. Baby yoga is quite a hard thing to describe so it was great to have an opportunity to convey what it's about."
Belinda Staplehurst, Yogaworks

"Tim makes advertising at Toddle About as easy as possible. The service is professional, punctual, accurate and pleasant! Thanks for all your help. :)"
Leigh McLellan, Inner Peace Hatha Yoga

"We advertise with Toddle About not only because the content is interesting and engaging for readers but because the staff work hard to assist us with maximising our brand awareness."
Janet Adams, Cushi Tush

"Toddle About has been one publication that Little Turtle has continued to advertise in both in Northants & MK as it's always been an easy relationship to maintain - clear instructions, good quality printing & reasonable pricing - it makes the process quick & painless which is what you need when you're running a small business with limited admin time."
Zara, The Little Turtle Swim Company

"Choosing the right publication to promote my new business in was my second priority after getting the website right and I am so pleased that I chose Toddle About. I like the fact that I wasn't sold something that I couldn't afford/didn't need and a chat with the editor/owner reassured me that I wasn't just going to be another box in Toddle About."
Gracious Souls

"As my business, Calypso Kids, is based in a small town, Toddle About has enabled me to introduce even more children and their grown-ups to the magic of music-making."
Emmajane, Calypso Kids

"Toddle About is exceptionally good at reaching the target market. Great staff to work with. Excellent value for returns – we gets lots of response and use of the discount voucher."
Leamington & Warwick Academy of Dance

"Fantastic service, great magazine."
Helen Brawn, Bump Bambini and Beyond

"The Toddle About team is a delight to work with and produce high quality adverts in a publication that is always interesting to read. As a retail business it is difficult for me to measure the direct effect of any advertising campaigns however just the knowledge that I'm getting click-throughs from the Toddle About website is enough to justify value for money."
Jo Potter, Popsy & Peanut

"Excellent value for money and I don’t feel ripped off as the adverts produced look like they have taken a bit of time over them, unlike some other local publications that charge an absolute fortune for rubbish copy and no after care. The opportunity to save on buying advert bundles is good to so you have peace of mind your ad will be in the next issue rather than worrying about getting space or copy in on time. "
Crofty Smith, Party Bags for Kids

"Toddle About is a wonderfully informative and useful magazine as a mum. As a business woman, it has brought me business and helped me expand my local awareness. Wonderful team and always delighted to receive my copy of the magazine!"
Kirstie Reynolds, KNR Jewellery

"The practice has advertised with Toddle About for some months now and we have always found Tim to be most helpful and accommodating. We always give our new patients a free copy of Toddle About in their 'goodie bag' and they love the magazine and often comment on articles they have read there."
Jane O'Connor, The Osteopathic Practice

"As a small business Toddle About offer an affordable rate of advertising for us!"
Louisa Levitt, Fairytale Nannies

"Toddle About is a lovely magazine packed full of things to do for parents with young children as well as a good array of local services. Kinderroom is proud to place their advertisements every quarter in such a quality and useful parent’s magazine."
Bomme, Kinderroom

"Toddle About is a professionally set up and well organised company. Very good communication - a pleasure to work with."
Twirling Toddlers

"Toddle are an excellent service provider and do their best to help promote our company."

"I find the staff at Toddle About very friendly, caring and very helpful when it comes to helping me promote my business in their magazine. I do not feel pressured into doing anything I don't want to do. They give helpful advice, by giving suggestions on what should be in the advert each quarter. I would definitely recommend them if you want to do an advert for your company."
Tracey Aldridge, The Pampered Chef

"Content and adverts in Toddle About are all of a very high quality, so from an advertiser perspective you can be confident that it not only reaches your target market, but is going to be read from cover to cover. It is very good at launching new initiatives in its What’s New? section and general editorial. When we have a specific advert/push for Under 5s activities it is the perfect platform."
James Seymour, Northampton Leisure Trust

"Advertising rates for Toddle About Magazine are very competitive. It is a good quality magazine and we always receive excellent service."
Joanne - Hedgehog Hill Nursery & Pre-school

"Tim from Toddle About Magazine has been absolutely brilliant! We always have copies of the magazine to hand out in our Reception and often refer prospective parents to them for information about what is going on in the area. A great magazine, which I am so pleased we advertise in."
Cheryl Johnston, Akeley Wood School

"Great service and an easy transaction. Good coverage, professional staff."
Donna, Daisy Birthing MK

"Advertising in Toddle About has been very productive for me. I advertise in other publications too, however, Toddle About stand out for the friendly and expert support they offer their clients, as well as their competitive rates and superior magazine."
Lynne James, GemTeam Marketing Ltd

"I think Toddle About is a very good publication - it looks and feels attractive to read, and having everything that is on listed at the back is just so helpful for parents and carers to choose activities for their children. The fact that it is glossy I think is good - and the A5 size if also good. Parents have got to want to be bothered to read something - otherwise most stuff just ends up in the bin! "
Sue Thomas, Rhythm Time

"Toddle About is an excellent magazine for mums and dads, so it is perfect for us to promote our courses in."
Michelle Collett, The University of Warwick

"Toddle About is a magazine that targets a younger profile to many other family magazines which makes it an ideal publication to use for specifically younger people targeted shows we have from time to time."
Belgrade Theatre Coventry

"Tim is a great rep for Toddle About, he put me at ease and I knew advertising my business was left in safe hands."
Carrie King, Slimming World

"Great coverage, targeting specific clients, great support from the Toddle About team with targeted business development that is specific to you as a small business. Thank you for all the support."
Claire, Mummies Birth Buddy

"We feel Toddle About's approach is right - advertising is necessary but needs to be at the right price and target market. Their non-pushy approach is great as well as their explaining exactly what you get."
Cloggies Toys

"I am very happy with my dealings with Tim at Toddle About. I find him to be approachable, informative and quick to respond to any questions that I have. It really is a great magazine."
Caroline Massey, Domestique MK

"The Toddle About team have been a pleasure to work with. They have offered their advice & experience freely which has resulted in a successful start to both my printed & online advertising campaigns."
Andy Nickerson Photography

Click to request our advertising rates"Toddle About Magazine is a fabulous publication for parents of young children. Interesting articles, fab offers and great local info too! A 'must read' magazine for all parents! Thanks for your help with our advert design - such a friendly team at Toddle About magazine. Will be back to advertise again!"
Lindsey Wood, Teeny Tiny Wooden Toy Company

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