Terms and Conditions - Terms for subscription to our magazine

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These terms govern the contractual relationship between you (the "Subscriber") and Toddle About.


Subscription is free to the Toddle About magazine, including free postage, for Subscribers who are parents, guardians or carers of children aged 0 - 5 or who are pregnant and live within the county covered by the magazine to which they are subscribing, or within 5 miles of the same county’s borders. Though there is no intention to do so, Toddle About reserves the right to change this policy to require a payment for subscription. In this instance, Toddle About would give Subscribers the option to opt-in to the new arrangement. Subscribers not fitting the criteria for free subscription can subscribe for £4.00 per annum to cover postage.

Subscription is limited to one free copy per household per issue. Additional copies can be ordered at a price of £4.00 per annum to cover postage.

Delivery of the Toddle About Magazine will be made by 2nd class post and the magazine will be posted as soon as is reasonably possible after the publication date.

Toddle About guarantees every Subscriber a copy of the next issue of the magazine, unless subscription is made within 14 working days of the publication date, though every endeavour will be made to ensure every Subscriber receives a copy of the next issue regardless of the timing of subscription. Toddle About will, where possible, post a copy of the current Toddle About issue to Subscribers, however as copies are made available on a first come, first served basis, this may not always be possible.

Please allow 10 working days to process a subscription. Toddle About reserves the right to refuse or cancel subscription membership to any individual at our discretion.


To subscribe to the Toddle About magazine and become a member of the Toddle About website, our registration form requires the Subscriber to submit your contact information including, but not limited to, name, postal address and email address. To maximise Subscribers' enjoyment of the site, to enable Toddle About to cancel your subscription at the appropriate time, and to allow Toddle About to tailor the services it offers its Subscribers, Subscribers are also given the (non-mandatory) opportunity to submit the names and dates of birth of their children and their personal interests.

Personal details provided to Toddle About by our customers are to be used exclusively for communication purposes. Your details will not be shared with any 3rd party without your express consent, unless we are required to do so by law.

The postal address is used to post the directory to the Subscriber. The email address is used to communicate updates and changes to Toddle About services or Terms & Conditions in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

We may from time to time communicate with Subscribers by email or post to inform them of special discounts, offers and events that we have managed to secure from suppliers of relevant goods and services. Customers will have the opportunity to decline from receiving this service at the time of subscription, or at any later time using the 'opt out' option on our emails. All these offers will be pre-screened by Toddle About to ensure they are what we consider to be good and relevant offers to our Subscribers (i.e. offers must be related to pregnancy or baby and toddler products and services, and we must believe a large number of our Subscribers will be interested to hear about them). These offers will be sent by Toddle About, and never by an independent third party.

Additional information provided by Subscribers (e.g. information regarding personal interests etc) will be used to help target relevant offers and articles to our Subscribers.


Toddle About will take all reasonable measures to ensure your details are held as securely as possible. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Toddle About shall not be liable for any issues arising from events or actions resulting in the loss of this information, including without limitation, criminal breaches of Toddle About's security measures, viruses, electricity failure, acts of terrorism.

Accuracy of Information

Whilst Toddle About endeavours to ensure that the information in our magazine and on our website is accurate and complete, we do not accept any liability for issues, losses or personal injury arising from any inaccuracy or omission in the information published or any misunderstanding of it.


Toddle About shall use reasonable skill and care in discharging its obligations arising under these terms and conditions.

Toddle About will use its reasonable endeavours to issue its publications to the public on the relevant publication dates specified, however Toddle About will not be held liable for any issues arising as a result of late publication.

Toddle About shall be liable for its failure or non-performance of its obligations to the Subscriber under these terms and conditions to the extent that such non-performance is due to a matter beyond its reasonable control (including without limitation, acts of God, fire, flood, strikes, civil commotion, electricity failures).

Nothing in these terms and conditions shall limit Toddle About liability for death or personal injury arising from fraud, or arising from Toddle About's negligence.

These terms and conditions constitute the full and final terms between Toddle About and the Subscriber and supersede any and all other agreements relating to such subject matter.

These terms and conditions are not intended to create rights of any third party to enforce these terms and conditions under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

The relationship between Toddle About and the Subscriber shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales.

Toddle About reserves the right to change these terms at any time.