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My Personalised Storybook produces uniquely-personalised stories that feature your little one as the hero and narrator of their very own tale.

Following the success of our first two unicorn-themed books, we’re celebrating the launch of our brand new personalised story book: ‘Help! My Dinosaur Is Running Amok!’

What happens when your child discovers a real live dinosaur inside a pop-up book in the library? Mayhem, that’s what, as your little one’s latest ‘pet’ creates havoc wherever he treads, rampaging across town with our young hero in hot pursuit!

Not only does your child star in the lead role of this quirky and colourful tale, but they also narrate the story too, which makes for an engaging and immersive reading experience.

This witty rhyming tale is certain to delight all young dinosaur fans, both boys and girls. Retailing at £12.99 and finished in an anti-scuff matt laminate cover, ‘Help! My Dinosaur Is Running Amok!’ makes a superb gift for any special occasion...or just because you want to.

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