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Svetlina Jeanneret

Svetlina O'Regan

Svetlina O’Regan

Svetlina Jeanneret is a therapist and coach who, through her business Blossom House Hypnotherapy, specialises in working with mothers on issues such as stress management, work/life balance and personal development.

Svetlina runs courses for women, group coaching and offers one-to-one therapy.  She works with mothers to help them develop themselves so they can create the life they want for themselves and their family.

Svetlina is a fully-qualified and certified hypno-psychotherapist with further training and qualifications in Therapeutic Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, Weight Loss, Medical Hypnotherapy, Fertile Body Method and HypnoBirthing®.

Contact Svetlina:
Tel: 07939 598 779 

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