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3 Decoration Tips for your Baby’s Nursery

Baby nursery decoration

Framed prints and photographs are a great way to align the baby nursery with the rest of your interior style.

If you’re about to welcome a new member of your family, you’re probably in the process of setting up the baby’s nursery room. Depending on the size of your nursery, it might take a lot of creativity to decorate it. But even if you’re dealing with a baby nursery which is the size of a suburban closet, it doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to make it cosy and pleasant. Here are 3 decoration tips for a baby nursery:

  1. Make it artsy

Framed prints and photographs are one of the best ways to align the baby nursery with the rest of your interior style. And if you choose styles that aren’t particularly babyish, you will be able to rotate your artwork or framed photographs around the house, exchanging it with visual delights from your bedroom and living room. Artwork will add a sense of style to space and ensure that your nursery feels personal. Continue reading

5 Essential Top Tips for Taking Your Toddler Swimming for the First Time

By Ali Beckman, Technical Director and Head Teacher at Puddle Ducks

Toddler Swimming - copyright Puddle Ducks

When your child can swim, there are so many benefits, from safety and confidence to simply having more fun on holiday!

There are so many reasons to take the plunge with your toddler and start swimming with them; water confidence, respect for water and essential water safety skills are the obvious ones. However, so many other aspects of life are improved by teaching your toddler to swim; family holidays are more enjoyable, you and your toddler will meet people and make friends plus there are physical and mental benefits to swimming.

Whilst there are many things to consider when you go swimming for the first time, don’t be put off by the logistics – it will be worth it!  Be prepared and don’t try to do any other activity that day. 15-30 minutes in the pool will be enough for their first time – you know your toddler best!

Here are my 5 essential top tips Continue reading