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Review of The Great Brick Safari at Whipsnade Zoo

ZSL Whipsnade ZooBy Ruth Freed – April 2019

We recently got the chance to visit Whipsnade Zoo, and to experience their latest attraction, The Great Brick Safari, which is a must see for any lego enthusiasts! They have about 20 life size animals, including lions, giraffes and an elephant, made entirely from Lego, which in itself are amazing to see, and each exhibit has interesting information about the animals, and also about how many bricks and how long it took to build each one. The guides who showed us around the lego brick safari were very friendly and enthusiastic and told us lots of interesting facts about the animals. The children particularly enjoyed seeing how big an elephant poo was!

The other fun attraction which is part of the brick safari, is a mini-jeep safari ride. The jeeps are miniature size landrovers and the children can drive them independently around a track which has various terrains to cross through such as sand, stones, grass and even water. This is at an extra cost (拢5 per child) to the brick safari, which is included in the entry price to the zoo, but the children really enjoyed it! Continue reading