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Children’s Screen Time – How Much is Too Much?

49% of parents under 35 let their children use a tablet before they’re 4 years old.

49% of parents under 35 let their children use a tablet before they’re 4 years old.

Hands up – who has sat down in a restaurant with some friends, toddler in tow, and given them your iPad or iPhone to help keep them quiet? I bet most of you reading this, if you’re being honest, should have your hand in the air.

Now, keep your hand up if you’ve actually bought your child a phone or tablet of their own. A new survey from insurance provider Legal & General has revealed that a surprising percentage of us should still keep our hand in the air.

L&G discovered that 32% of children own their own phone before they’re 9, whilst 65% of children own their own tablet. A staggering 58% of us feel pressured to buy our children their own device, whilst that number skyrockets to 75% for parents who live in London. Continue reading

Designer Babies – An argument for genetically modified babies


For decades, technologies have been available that alter the genetic makeup of animals. Using modified viruses to introduce novel genetic material, scientists have been able to modify the physical and cognitive characteristics of a number of species. However, these early technologies were not suitable for human use. They are imprecise, and make random changes to large segments of the genome. As such, only a small proportion of the animals that are the targets of these technologies do not suffer serious side effects. Continue reading

Limiting Screen Time: Why every parent should be teaching their child responsible screen habits

They’re absorbed in playing a game or watching a video, it’s educational, it’s benefiting them. But have you set the limit for how long your child can be on their tablet?

Guest Post by Richard Curtis, The Kid Calmer

It’s the first time they’ve been quiet all day, it’s your first moment of peace and there’s still another 5 hours until bedtime.

They’re absorbed in playing a game or watching a video; it’s educational, it’s benefiting them. But have you set the limit for how long your child can be on their tablet? (Other screen based technologies are available!)

Fifteen years ago it was common to have one TV in the corner of the lounge and one computer on a desk in the study. Ten years ago we started having computers on our laps, now we have them in our pockets. They’re coming closer! Continue reading

Is Your Child Getting Too Much Screen Time? A Psychologist’s opinion

By Dr. Helen Andrews, Clinical Psychologist

Baby with iPad / Tablet

Too much screen time can remove our children from the human interaction that is crucial to their healthy development. But banning it altogether isn’t the answer.

The use of handheld technology must be one of the biggest changes over the last few years for society, researchers and parents to think about and fully understand the consequences of. We have been thinking about the pros and cons of young children watching television for some time – and we don’t yet agree on the risks and benefits associated with that! What are we supposed to think generally about the amount of screen time young children are exposed to?

As with most parenting decisions, there are no absolute dos and don’ts. However, there are certainly lots of things to consider whilst you contemplate your own view on this subject.

The young child’s developing brain is affected by all repeated experiences and opportunities. Continue reading