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Say It Loud, Say It Clear! The secret to lasting, loving and rewarding relationships

By Svetlina Jeanneret


Everyone has their own communication style – understanding your partner’s style will help you communicate with them effectively

Communication is a vast topic and a great one. A lot of my work with clients revolves around the way we communicate first with ourselves openly or secretly and also how we communicate with those closest to us.

I believe that in a family where there are two parents the most important relationship is that of the couple. Yet communication between men and women is not always straightforward; this is partly why John Gray’s book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus is still such a hit. In my consulting room, I continually hear anecdotes of miscommunication and misunderstandings which, little by little, can erode even the most loving and devoted of relationships. Continue reading

Are You A Good Parent? 5 Tips to Feeling Less Guilty and Enjoying the Rollercoaster Ride of Parenthood.

By Svetlina Jeanneret, Therapist


All parents at some point ask themselves “Am I a good parent?” Confidence in our parenting is intimately linked with our self-esteem because basically if we feel we’re not doing things right, we feel pretty rubbish about ourselves.

The thing is… being a good Mum or Dad is completely subjective.  Of course there are some common ground rules, but as long as Continue reading