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Review: Start-Rite Boys Black Leather Riptape School Shoes, worth £49.99

Start-Rite ShoesReviewed by Lorraine Holmes and Tim Freed at Toddle About HQ.

Lorraine’s Review:

With my son Joey starting his Primary School journey in September, it was perfect timing to be able to do a review of these shoes.

I received the STRIKE Black Leather Boys Riptape School Shoes and was very impressed with them as soon as I opened the box. The quality of them was outstanding with absolutely no flaws whatsoever, they are a solid, sturdy shoe but at the same time they are lightweight which I really liked. With it being the first time Joey was going to be wearing this type of shoe all day every day whilst at school, I wanted to make sure they were going to be right for him and I am so happy – they are just what I wanted his first pair of school shoes to be like.

Upon showing them to Joey he got very excited and asked me if he could try them on with all of his new uniform (he is looking forward to starting big boy school so much), I handed them to him and he managed to put them on and also take them off himself easily with the two easy Velcro fastening straps.  When I asked him what he thought of them he said in his own words, “They are nice I like them,” then when I asked him if they were comfortable he said, “Yes and you know what mummy? They make me run faster!” And off he went running round the house for the next 5 minutes :) Continue reading