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Review: Peter Pan – 2018’s Christmas Panto at Royal & Derngate, Northampton

Royal & Derngate's 2018 Christmas Panto is Peter Pan - and it's quite possibly the best panto I've ever seen

Royal & Derngate’s 2018 Christmas Panto is Peter Pan – and it’s quite possibly the best panto I’ve ever seen

If you enjoy a good panto, then this Christmas’ offering from Royal & Derngate – Peter Pan – is well worth a visit. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s quite possibly the best panto I’ve ever seen.

We attended with our children and it has been pitched perfectly for a family audience, so the kids loved it too. There’s nothing too scary, nothing too rude – though still plenty of jokes for the grown ups. And good jokes too. Too often I find pantos churn out the same gags, and they get a bit tired – but not this version of Peter Pan. Continue reading

Review: Stib Inspirational Colouring Pencils, worth £6.95

Stib Inspirational Colouring PencilsReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Katie Guest.

On receipt of these pencils, the first thing that struck me was the cure, natural looking tube packaging which would attract a variety of ages. On opening the tube, I was surprised to find now only a dinky set of chunky colouring pencils, but there was also a sharpener and a lovely activity sheet.

As stating on the packaging, each pencil is printed with an inspiring word. Each word matches with a ‘Stibler Animal Character’ all of which are printed on the activity sheet. Sadly most of the activities were a bit too advanced for my just-turned 2 year old, but for an older child (probably 3+) I think it would keep them entertained for a good while! Continue reading

Review: Johnson’s No More Tangles Bundle, worth £8.17

Johnson's No More TanglesReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Suzanne Cooper.

I have used Johnson’s Baby Shampoo since my little one was born but I usually use the orange/yellow looking shampoo and so this is the first time we have used this ‘no tangle’ shampoo and conditioner. We’ve used various shampoos on our little girl and find several of them do sting when a little bit gets in her eyes which she really dislikes! So I was keen to see if this ‘no tangle’ version was also tear free. The good news is that it is! It leaves her hair feeling beautifully soft without any stinging in my little ones eyes.

So does it really help set angle fine curly locks? It does do exactly what it says on the bottle and yes it is perfect on my little ones delicate hair which often gets tangled and sticky with yoghurt and all kinds of food being liberally applied to it! It left my little girls hair very soft, tangle free, easy to comb and manageable. Her hair looked lovely and clean and shiny too. Continue reading

Review: Organic Cotton SnuggleBoo Sleepsuit, worth £40

BabyBoo SleepsuitReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Vanessa Holmes.

My son Nathan has always been a fussy sleeper. He hates being covered over and I would find him waking up in the night due to him pushing the duvet off and then being cold. In the past we tried using a Grobag but due to Nathan feeling closed in he was not impressed and took an instant dislike to this, so we just put up with the constant checking and pulling the duvet back over him throughout the night.

I had never heard of a sleep suit before and due to past experiences I was very sceptical of Nathan being comfortable with it being on him. Due to the suit basically being exactly like a baby grow but with a tog rating he was fine and so far he has slept throughout the night without waking.

The sleep suit is organically made so that was a big bonus and it is very soft. I’m glad we got the opportunity to try out this product as it has made a big impact on our sons sleep pattern. The design we received wasn’t quite the style that I would choose personally but from looking at the website they offer all different designs depending on your child’s likes/dislikes.

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Review: Brik Buster Tower Toppling Game, worth £26.99

Brik Buster Tower Toppling GameReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Lena Chen.

The aim of this game is to built up a tower and then take turns knocking out support columns without making the whole structure collapse. Essentially, it’s like Jenga with Duplo style bricks.


The game comes neatly and compactly packed in a much smaller box than I expected, which is great for saving space when your toy storage is already overflowing. However, the disadvantage is that you have to painstakingly construct all the columns and stack all the base plates in order to put them away again in the original box; try sweeping them all in higgledy piggledy and there’s no way all the pieces will fit. Continue reading

Review: Emerald Storm Irish Dance Sensation

Emerald StormBy Lorraine Holmes at Toddle About HQ.

My daughter and I had the pleasure of attending the Emerald Storm show at The Grove Theatre in Dunstable at the weekend and we can honestly say we had a truly amazing evening.

The show includes a mixture of different genres of dance from gentle ballet style and fiery Salsa to your high energy, toe tapping Irish Tap with a more modern day twist to it and all performed by an amazing cast of highly talented dancers and we were both engrossed right from the start.

The Story, which is told throughout the show, takes you on a journey where mortals are trying to save the mythical land from destruction and this is all told through a range of dance, music and singing.  The lead vocalist, John-Philip Bowen, has a voice that is out of this world singing solos, duets and also singing along with the dancers performing it was just stunning and we didn’t know where to look when the stage came alight with the whole cast performing all at the same time. Continue reading

Review: Thumbsie, worth £9.95

ThumbsieReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Louisa Mann.

My daughter Leah is 3 years & 3 months old. She has sucked her thumb right from being a newborn. As a newborn baby she refused a dummy, all she wanted for comfort was to suck her thumb & twiddle her hair.

When the Thumbsie’s arrived through the post I showed Leah & she got quite excited about the lovely patterns & colours of them. I explained what they were and she agreed to put one on, she chose the unicorn one straight away. I put it on her and she was happy for about 10 minutes until she went to put her thumb in her mouth! She then got very frustrated and started crying, I calmed her down and managed to distract her. Continue reading

Review: Sound of the Farm: Baa Moo! Noisy Farm Book, worth £9.99

Sounds of the Farm: Baa Moo! Noisy Farm BookReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Claire Hearsum.

We love books in our household, and we were very excited to have a new one to review! I was slightly sceptical about a noisy one, our current noisy books are confined to a high shelf as one irritating growl tends to go off randomly…  but I was delighted to find a noisy item that has an on / off switch! The book isn’t flimsy, and the tabs with the sound buttons on appear fairly robust (only time will tell) so our first impressions are great!

I sat down with my inquisitive 10 month old and opened the book – within seconds my curious 3 year old wanted in on the action, and jumped up too. What a delight! We explored HH the horse, Sophie the sheep and discovered the added bonus of a short quiz / naming / pointing game (depending on the age of your child) at the end!! Both girls were entranced by the book. Continue reading

Review: Geo Mono Grey Snüz Pouch, from £36.95

Geo Mono Grey SNUZ PouchReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Rachel Hartley.

I was really excited to be able to review the SnüzPouch Sleeping Bag as I have been using sleeping bags for a few months already with my little boy but haven’t yet used this brand or design.

It arrived in eye catching purple packaging that had a reassuring ‘British Safety Tested’ tick as well as a Silver award from Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2017 which all seemed very promising. On the back of the packet was a visual guide to choosing the right tog for your baby as well as a particular useful ‘What to wear guide’

The design we sampled was called ‘Geo Mono’ and felt really on trend with many interior design Instagram posts that I follow. I thought it looked really modern and would coordinate with a great variety of nursery decors, I do know that SnüzPouch also do a range of other lovely designs. Continue reading

Review: Joy Book, worth £11.99

Joy BookReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Johannah Hancox.

Joy is a beautifully illustrated and written book about the meaning of Joy. The ‘whooossshh’ you feel when you feel Joy and the sadness felt when Joy is lost.

Fern’s Nanna has lost her Joy and Fern is on a mission to return Joy to her Nanna’s life. Fern sets off with her catching bag in search for Joy of which she finds in lots of different places, the park, the pond, its everywhere. Fern soon discovers that she is unable to catch Joy to bring to her Nanna, upon telling her Nanna her tales of Joy that she came discovered Nanna’s Joy is instantly returned and her smile renewed.

The story ends with the two of them having a picnic in the park with Fern’s catching bag full of joy, mainly Nanna’s delicious cakes. This book takes you on an emotional journey, it explores sadness and teaches children empathy and the importance of their relationships with grandparents.

Joy is beautifully illustrated, bright and colourful pictures which represent Joy and dark illustrations to represent sadness.  A fantastic read and one of the most beautifully illustrated children’s books we have had the pleasure of reading.

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