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Review: The Girl Who Really, Really, Really Loves Dinosaurs Book, worth £6.99

The girl who really really really loves dinosaursReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Samantha Butler.

As a fan of dinosaurs for girls I was really excited to read this book with Aria.

Last night we snuggled up on the sofa to enjoy our evening read. As Aria is only 2 for her it’s more about the illustrations and sounds associated with a book rather than the actual story; but this book was perfect for that.

The bright illustrations really held her attention, after we had finished reading the book she enjoyed going back and pointing at the animals for me to imitate the sounds they make to her. Continue reading

Review: Zoom! Beep! Vroom! Busy Cities Book, worth £7.99

Zoom! Beep! Vroom! Busy Cities BookReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Sanna Khan.

My son and I enjoyed reviewing this book, I found it to be nice and sturdy and has some wonderful vibrant colours illustrated throughout the book with nice large pictures of different types of transport including a bus, train and ship in different cities around the world.

I found this book could be handy for children who may have difficulty with speech like my son does, as the words in the book are in short sentences and can help with pronouncing and understanding words and sounds which I found to be very useful, for example there was a picture showing a car and then the words surrounding it were vroom, beep and zoom. It is also ideal for parents who need a little help on the way to help your children with their reading and speech like myself.

This book makes learning a lot more interesting and fun and makes little ones feel more involved in story time and as the story in short, simple and bold, it can easily fit into their bedtime routine.

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Unique and Fun Products for Little Ones: Shop About Autumn 2018

There are amazing products coming out all the time for bumps, babies and toddlers. Here’s our run down of some of the best things available on the market today:

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Scootaseatz – £14.99

Conveniently fitting all scooter brands and a selection of bikes and trikes, Scootaseatz encourage little ones to get out and about in the great outdoors – alongside their favourite cuddly buddy! Any soft toy can simply be strapped in and whisked away on a multitude of adventures.

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Review: Sound of the Farm: Baa Moo! Noisy Farm Book, worth £9.99

Sounds of the Farm: Baa Moo! Noisy Farm BookReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Claire Hearsum.

We love books in our household, and we were very excited to have a new one to review! I was slightly sceptical about a noisy one, our current noisy books are confined to a high shelf as one irritating growl tends to go off randomly…  but I was delighted to find a noisy item that has an on / off switch! The book isn’t flimsy, and the tabs with the sound buttons on appear fairly robust (only time will tell) so our first impressions are great!

I sat down with my inquisitive 10 month old and opened the book – within seconds my curious 3 year old wanted in on the action, and jumped up too. What a delight! We explored HH the horse, Sophie the sheep and discovered the added bonus of a short quiz / naming / pointing game (depending on the age of your child) at the end!! Both girls were entranced by the book. Continue reading

Review: Joy Book, worth £11.99

Joy BookReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Johannah Hancox.

Joy is a beautifully illustrated and written book about the meaning of Joy. The ‘whooossshh’ you feel when you feel Joy and the sadness felt when Joy is lost.

Fern’s Nanna has lost her Joy and Fern is on a mission to return Joy to her Nanna’s life. Fern sets off with her catching bag in search for Joy of which she finds in lots of different places, the park, the pond, its everywhere. Fern soon discovers that she is unable to catch Joy to bring to her Nanna, upon telling her Nanna her tales of Joy that she came discovered Nanna’s Joy is instantly returned and her smile renewed.

The story ends with the two of them having a picnic in the park with Fern’s catching bag full of joy, mainly Nanna’s delicious cakes. This book takes you on an emotional journey, it explores sadness and teaches children empathy and the importance of their relationships with grandparents.

Joy is beautifully illustrated, bright and colourful pictures which represent Joy and dark illustrations to represent sadness.  A fantastic read and one of the most beautifully illustrated children’s books we have had the pleasure of reading.

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Review: Shapes Colours Numbers Book, £14.99

Shapes Colours Numbers BookReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Charlotte Hale.

‘Shapes Colours Numbers’ by Dario Zeruto is a versatile and intriguing book for children. It is refreshingly simplistic in its design and doesn’t rely on popular children’s television characters or flashy gimmicks to set it apart.

It is unlike any other book that I have seen and I have to say that I do like to encourage and grow my Son’s love of books by searching for and providing him with a variety of different and unusual books.

On receiving the book I felt excited, as even on initial appearance you can tell that it is something special and has a good solid weight to it that only a good book can own. The book was enjoyable from the outset of its cover and throughout its entirety due to its wonderful texture and tactility and in this technological age this is not something that can be replicated on a device which makes sharing this book with your child even more precious. Continue reading

Review: 5 Wild Numbers Book, worth £9.99

5 Wild Numbers BookReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Michelle Hayes.

This book, at first glance, is beautifully colourful and visually appealing. It is aimed at helping children learn to write their numbers. Each page has a short rhyme to do with a particular number and a large number with a sliding disk and arrows, the aim being that you slide the disk along the number to learn how to write that number.

The book is of high quality, it is executed very well and feels like a sturdy book which will withstand all the bumps and drops an average pre-schooler would throw at it.

I was worried at first as the disk on the front page of my copy didn’t move smoothly and got stuck on the corners of the number 5, however, all the disks inside the book were really easy to move and 4 year old had no difficulty in moving them. Continue reading

Review: Rainy Days Kids Adventure Book, £9.99

Rainy Days Kids Adventure BookReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Dave Walker.

My first impressions of this book were very good.  The size is convenient for putting into a small day bag, and the printing and binding are excellent.  The photos are bright and sharp, and the text is very clear.

The book itself is divided into five sections: Introduction, Rain, Wind, Snow and Skills and the coloured corners to the pages allow you to flick to the appropriate section with ease. Continue reading

How to Help Your Child Learn to Read

Reading Eggs is designed by experts to deliver fast and proven results to prepare your child for school in the best way possible.

Reading Eggs is designed by experts to deliver fast and proven results to prepare your child for school in the best way possible.

Guest post by the eggs-perts at Reading Eggs, the multi-award winning online reading programme for ages 2–13. For a limited time only, Toddle About readers can redeem an exclusive 4 week FREE trial by visiting Hurry, offer ends 11th February 2018!

A child’s reading development starts at home, and there’s a lot that parents can do to give their child the best start possible.

Here are some helpful tips on how to help your child learn to read at home:

  1. Read together every night

Reading books together is the single most important thing you can do. Not only does this support early reading skills, it nurtures an early love of reading in your child, which is crucial for sustained success. It’s as simple as enjoying a nightly bedtime story together to get them on the right path. Continue reading

Freshen Up Easter with this Fun and Educational Easter Egg Hunt Idea


Begin with writing down a word on a piece of paper.

The Easter Egg Hunt is an annual tradition for many families – our children look forward to it almost as much as Christmas! But keeping it fresh each year can be a challenge, so here’s a great egg hunt idea that is not only fun, but also helps with learning to read (a bit!)

You’ll just need a few simple items:

1) Start by writing down a word(s) on a piece of paper – tailor the difficulty level to your child. Use a different colour for each letter and space each letter out as you will be cutting them out in a moment. Do this twice, so you have two pieces of paper that look the same.

You might use the words for your prize (e.g. ‘Easter Egg’), or you could choose a word or letters that achieve a particular learning objective such as teaching the vowels, or two-letter words. Continue reading