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How to prepare your child for preschool

Wandsworth PreschoolGuest Post by Wandsworth Preschool.

It’s hard to think about your baby spreading their wings at such a young age and experiencing a world outside of the home, and it can be hard for a child to adjust to the change. There are a few steps you can take as a parent/carer that can make the transition less traumatic.

It’s important to make the preparation of preschool as fun as possible! Children shouldn’t feel that going to preschool is a chore, learning is enjoyable and its essential your child doesn’t feel that every trip is going to be educational.

Set some expectations of what your child can expect

The majority of children will feel anxious at the thought of starting preschool. You may feel tempted to address this by telling your child “school is always going to be fun, and you will enjoy every moment you are there” or “you don’t need to be scared everything will be fine,” try not to undermine your child’s anxiety and fears, instead give them information to of what they can expect, what they may be doing in class and who they might meet. Continue reading

The Gruffalo arrives in MK for 1st Birthday

The Gruffalo at Childcare HubThis weekend, The Childcare Hub in Milton Keynes, the home of nature-based play, run by Kids Play Nurseries, celebrated it’s 1st Birthday and The Gruffalo was there to host the party!

Over 100 Pre-Schoolers were on the Guest List and the event was packed full of giant sized Gruffalo fun. After meeting The Gruffalo, the children joined in with special Forest school activities, listened to Gruffalo stories, and had their faces painted with a finale being a themed birthday cake and special guest, The Gruffalo.

Sharon Elliott, Childcare Director said, “The Childcare Hub has been a fantastic venue over the last year, giving children a great opportunity to learn more about our natural world. The Gruffalo seemed the perfect guest to host our children’s party”.

The Childcare Hub is the home of nature-based play and opened to the public in July 2017. The newest venue for Kids Play Childcare, this site really is the beacon for their ethos of nature-based play. The Childcare Hub plays host to Forest School sessions for all MK nurseries, has natural resources for all ages of learning and a rooftop garden!  At the event, the children had the opportunity to wear their best Gruffalo fancy dress costumes.


The Childcare Hub incorporates a Nursery, Pre-School, After School Club and during School Holidays, Camp MK Activity Day Camps.

‘What if they need help?” Supporting your child with the transition to a new setting

Using a range of simple strategies will help starting a new nursery or pre-school as stress free a time as possible.

Using a range of simple strategies will help starting a new nursery or pre-school as stress free a time as possible.

Written by Mandy Grist, a Speech and Language Advisor at I CAN, Children’s communication charity.

When our little ones start at nursery or pre-school it’s a time of mixed emotions. We often feel excitement at this new phase of their journey, but this is often also accompanied by anxiety that they’re out there on their own, reliant on their own communication skills to get them through the day.

Many of us will find ourselves asking questions … ‘will they make friends?’, ‘will people be able to understand what they’re saying?’, ‘will they be able to ask for things like a snack or going to the toilet?’ and ‘how will they be able to tell me what they’ve done all day?’. This is even more the case for parents of children who struggle with their communication skills.

There is however a range of strategies that can be helpful in preparing both parents and children with transitions and can help ensure that any child, including those who struggle with their communication, can make the transition successfully. You might like to: Continue reading