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Music Is Just The Beginning


Musical instruments

Guest Post by Northampton High School

All parents can remember at least one (if not many) times their toddler has proudly made a very loud noise and smiled to their audience, ready for an appreciative reaction

While not all impromptu music is always expected, it is wonderful that toddlers are already noticing the way that they can produce sounds and can use these sounds to express themselves. This musical awareness could support a host of skills that can impact a child’s life as they grow, most noticeably when a child is actively involved in the making of music.

Whilst your child is loudly banging that drum or singing their favourite song, something very special is also happening in their growing mind and body. Their concentration is being tested, their listening skills are improving, and their mind is learning to recognise patterns. As they join together with friends to produce a band for mum and dad, their social skills are coming into play, they are experimenting with co-ordination and their confidence is growing.

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5 Steps to Decluttering and Organising Your Life This Year

organised toy box

Keep like with like – store the same types of items together

Living with little ones means accepting a certain amount of chaos. But toys underfoot, overstuffed laundry hampers, and hectic schedules all wear us down far more than we realise. Is it any wonder that at the beginning of a new year we resolve to clear out our clutter and be more organised?

Clutter can get in your way not only physically, but mentally. Paring down can help you find things faster, get more done, and think more clearly – all of which can make parenting easier. As a professional declutterer and organiser, here are my suggestions for simplifying your family’s living spaces and schedules.
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