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Handy Products for Days Out this Summer

Frezyderm works as an immediate painkiller

Frezyderm First Aid Butter – £11.41

Treats bumps, sores and bruises on the face and body. It’s formula is enriched with herbal extracts. It works as an immediate painkiller reducing swelling, soothing inflammation. Continue reading

Free May Half Term Holiday Entertainment in High Wycombe

Rumble in the Jungle at Eden Shopping Centre

Free holiday activities at Eden Shopping Centre in High Wycombe

Free holiday activities at Eden Shopping Centre in High Wycombe

Parents on the prowl for FREE half term activities in Buckinghamshire can call off the search because Eden Shopping Centre at High Wycombe has a week of jungle-inspired fun on offer to delight children and adults alike!

Eden’s littlest shoppers can look forward to a packed week of entertainment during the school holidays with a special series of activities just for them!

Join Eden’s free craft workshops daily at Kid’s Corner, where your children can camouflage themselves ready for a jungle adventure with free animal mask making sessions from 11am to 4pm. Intrepid ‘animal explorers’ can then trek their way around the centre following a jungle trail to win prizes. Continue reading

Tribal Hearts Festival – Brand new Family Festival in Bucks for 2016


12th – 14th August 2016 – Green Park, Buckinghamshire

Imagine a festival with a difference – a retreat where families come together as one big tribe for a moment in time. A home where hearts beat in time with the earth, hands reach out to connect with one another, and our words meet little ears with compassion to nurture.

Tribal Hearts Festival brings natural living and family life together with workshops, children’s activities, stalls and entertainment and will take place on 12th – 14th August 2016 at Green Park in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire.


Continue reading

Review: Return to North Hayne Farm Cottages, North Devon

Review by Tim Freed, Editor

North Hayne Holiday Cottages

North Hayne Holiday Cottages – 7 different cottages are situated around the central courtyard, all named after Peter Rabbit characters

The lights were on, it was toasty warm and, as I walked into Squirrel Nutkin cottage, it seemed that all the tension in my body just dissipated… it felt as if we had come home.

It was a comment echoed by a couple of the other families staying at North Hayne Farm Cottages at the same time as us – and one of them was on their 5th visit! Which begs the question – why is this place so special?

We first stayed at these delightful holiday cottages in October 2014, and we absolutely loved our visit. We are not the kind of family that typically returns to the same place to holiday each year – we tend to prefer new experiences and new places – but this place has something about it. Continue reading

Celebrate the Season: Festive Ways to Ring in the Holidays with Your Family

4 Elves on the Shelf!


Straight from Chanda A. Bell, co-creator of The Elf on The Shelf: A Christmas Tradition, come 5 great ideas to make the most of the festive season with your little ones:

For our family, Christmas truly is—and always has been—the most wonderful time of the year! That’s due in large part to our family’s Christmas tradition of spending the holidays with one of Santa’s scout elves, or The Elf on the Shelf®, and also because we get to be together as a family. When the kids are out of school, and we’re all gathered together, it’s the perfect time for quality time. If you’re looking for festive, fun ideas to keep your little ones entertained this Christmas, try out some of our family’s favourite festive holiday activities: Continue reading

Review of the Week: Family Holiday at North Hayne Farm Cottages, North Devon

The North Hayne Farm Cottages

The North Hayne Farm Cottages


Following a recommendation from one of our readers, Kerry Shephard, we recently went for a family holiday at North Hayne Farm Cottages in North Devon. Put quite simply, we LOVED it. If you are looking for a lovely family getaway in the UK, then book yourself in – you won’t regret it.

And we aren’t the only family to be raving fans of this place. Check out their page on Trip Advisor and you will see 152 reviews* – ALL of them giving them the highest ratings possible. North Hayne Farm Cottages has also just won Silver in the Visit Devon Tourism Awards, and is up for more silverware in the South West Tourism Awards. Continue reading

5 Top Tips For Avoiding Holiday Arguments.

Guest Post from HouseTrip

We're all going on a summer holiday... but for how long will we be happy families?

We’re all going on a summer holiday… but for how long will we be happy families?

Holidays are the time of the year that families most look forward to, but for many across the UK it can be a time of both highs and lows, with 92% of British families admitting to family fall outs on holiday.

New research from holiday home rental site HouseTrip revealed that forgetting to pack an important item is the most common cause of family vacation altercations, with almost a third of UK families citing this as a cause of family fall outs whilst on holiday. Getting lost and not asking for directions came a close second, whilst fussy children not liking the local cuisine was the third most common reason for family holiday arguments.

Luckily 57% of the time the average family holiday argument only lasts Continue reading

Travelling with Toddlers: How to make your family holidays and days out enjoyable (for everyone)

Written by Lorraine Thomas.

Family holiday on beach with toddler

There’s no such thing as the ‘perfect’ family holiday so be realistic about your expectations.

We were on the beach at the weekend and I saw one stressed mum sink into the sand, looking as though she was going to need a holiday to recover from this one.  Her young son on the other hand was having a great time, running at top speed, shouting at full volume and sending sand flying in every direction.

“Stop shouting and stand still – you’re kicking sand everywhere!” she shouted.

Her excited toddler carried on.

My heart went out to her. We often have such great expectations that family holidays will be relaxing and full of fun. They can be – but they can also be really stressful times, especially with a toddler because they love routines, and unfamiliarity can bring challenging behaviour and tantrums.

Mum’s sand tantrum is a very common one.  But the reality is that if you are 3 or 4 and are on ‘planet beach’ – one of the most exciting planets you have ever encountered in your universe – then you will want to shout and let the world know.  You can’t really understand why anyone would want to stop you doing what you are doing.  You’re living in the moment and you love it.

You may find his behaviour difficult because he is over-excited and you are unrealistic in your expectations.  You may have told him a dozen times not to run around and get sand over everything and you can’t understand why he’s refusing to do what he’s told.  Step into his flip-flops.  If you were his age, let loose on a beach – you’d probably be doing exactly the same.  Instead of feeling frazzled by flying sand – get stuck in with a bucket and spade, take him to look for crabs or go for a paddle in the sea. Continue reading