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Tricky Treats

Tricky TreatsNew research into trick or treating may spook health-conscious parents.

Children in the UK will eat 173g of sugar each tonight, over 600% above their recommended daily intake of 25g and the equivalent of 43 sugar cubes, nutrition experts have said.

Research into the top-selling Halloween treats found that, on average, they contain around 11.5g of sugar each. But ahead of the big night, nutrition experts at Future Fit, who conducted the research, have said that banning kids from sweet treats is not the answer.

The Halloween tradition of trick or treating is thought to have begun in the US in the 1930s, but the UK has fully adopted this trend with GlobalData reporting that close to £500 million was spent on the holiday last year.

The study took the top ten best-selling treats at a leading supermarket on the week leading up to Halloween. Researchers then worked out Continue reading

Simply Fang-Tastic: Halloween, Tuesday 31st October.

Party Pieces HalloweenThrow a devilishly fun Halloween party for your little ones this year with some of these fantastic ideas from Carole Middleton and our friends at


Your little one may not be ready to trick-or-treat on their own, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be part of the Halloween fun. Costumes come in all shapes and sizes and there are even ones for the smallest of babies. Spidery temporary tattoos are also hugely popular.

If you have a few children to entertain try setting up some trick or treat ‘scary stations’ around the house and garden for them to enjoy. Simply hide an assortment of toys and treats along the way. Our particular favourite is to fill buckets with squidgy jelly eyes, slippery sweet snakes plus a good handful of plastic spiders and creepy crawlies – eek!

You will no doubt get some bogeymen visitors to your house too, and kids love the opportunity to scare these unsuspecting ghouls. Decorate your front door to let your neighbourhood know you welcome trick or treaters. Little ones will love answering the door to all sorts of crazy creatures and handing out the treats. Continue reading