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A morning with Coffee, Cake and some FIRST AID

Review written by Pia Howe, Toddle About Suffolk

Mini First Aid Training

Mini First Aid Training

I am a mum of 2 and have recently hosted a First Aid training at my house with Mini First Aid Suffolk.

Previously this summer…

A group of us went camping – 7 children, 9 adults. Wasn’t long until we got our First Aid kits out to treat grazed knees, bee stings and small cuts. I suddenly started to get some serious First Aid kit envy as mine basically consisted of a few plasters, Savlon and Calpol (I don’t ever travel without Calpol!). As we started to talk about various injuries we realised how little we actually knew about First Aid. I decidedit was time for a refresher, contacted Mini First Aid Suffolk and booked a 2-hour session with my friends at my house.

What to expect

I am going to state the obvious here now but First Aid training teaches incredibly valuable lifesaving skills. You will be surprised Continue reading