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Review of Clip ‘n Climb Ipswich

Clip ‘n Climb Ipswich

Clip ‘n Climb Ipswich

Review written by Pia Howe, Toddle About Suffolk

Recently my son and I have been invited to try out the new Clip ‘n Climb in Ipswich.

It only opened its doors to the public in July this year and promises to be great fun for children and adults alike.

Now let me tell you – it is much harder than it looks  and it’s certainly a good workout!  We have never been climbing before so we didn’t really know what to expect but we were really excited to give it a go.

On arrival, we had a short safety briefing and check that our safety harnesses are fitted correctly. The harness felt comfortable to wear and very secure, especially for the children who receive a special harness over their upper body for extra security and comfort. Continue reading

Yoga: The secret sauce for a perfect pregnancy (and beyond)?

Vicky in her Sweat Studios session. Yoga is a great way to relax and stay fit during pregnancy. It has many post-natal benefits for both mother and baby too.

How yoga helped me through pregnancy, birth and beyond

Yoga is a great way to relax and stay fit during pregnancy. It has many post-natal benefits for both mother and baby too. We talked to Vicky Haynes, aged 34 from Milton Keynes, about her experience and why yoga became the perfect exercise for her, pre and post baby.

As well as providing a great way to keep in shape, yoga offered Vicky some much needed ‘me time’ and a way of relieving stress from work. Vicky was encouraged to give it a go by the whole host of celebrities that swear by Hot Yoga. And, as well as looking to tone up, Vicky hoped that the improved fitness and wellbeing might help her to conceive a child.

Like many people though, Vicky wondered if yoga was too much about chanting and not enough about tangible physical benefits. Would it be too slow to feel like a workout? There was also the worry that it was ‘only for skinny people’. Continue reading

7 Steps To Having The Best of Both Worlds and Succeeding as a Working Mum

By Lorraine Thomas, Parenting Expert

Working mum

Juggling work and motherhood is tough – succeeding at both requires giving up on perfection. It doesn’t exist anyway.

As a working mum, you’re on the clock 24/7. It can seem there’s always too much to do … and never quite enough mum to go round. Juggling the demands of career and family is tough. We all have days when we feel we’re failing as a mum and employee. That’s natural.

There’s no such thing as the perfect working mother so give yourself a break. It’s normal to feel guilty and worry – our recent Parent Coaching Academy survey revealed that on average working mums spend between 1 and 2 hours worrying daily and 8/10 mums say they ‘often’ feel guilty. The more you think or talk about feeling tired, guilty stressed or worried, the worse you feel.

Here are my Top Tips to help you get a better life balance.

1) Look after Yourself

When you are looking after yourself, you’re looking after your family. If you are positive and energised, it will impact on all your relationships. A healthy diet, exercise and relaxation will all make a difference. Always eat breakfast, drink plenty of water and get at least 10 minutes fresh air a day. You don’t need the gym – with a child you have your own personal trainer. Take up yoga, meditation or mindfulness. Continue reading

What about the Placenta? Why and how thousands of women are consuming their own placentas

By Lynnea Shrief, Placenta Specialist.Lynnea Shrief with capsules

What happens after a baby is born, right after a mother pushes out her baby and cradles him in her arms? In the movies, she kisses her partner and gazes into her baby’s blue eyes. Her little bundle of joy is washed, wrapped carefully in a soft blanket and handed to her to cuddle and kiss. Then, just moments later and quite magically, the new mother is transformed into a fertile sex goddess, hair and make-up done to perfection as she introduces her new addition to her family and friends.

I’m that woman who, during those movie scenes, begins shouting at the television. “What about the placenta?!” What about the most important, sustainable organ on the planet? The organ that supplies all mammals with essential nutrients and gases while in the womb. Why is this powerful, precious and nourishing organ so often and so simply forgotten? Even in many birth education classes the third stage of birth, where the placenta detaches from the uterine wall and through several further contractions must also be birthed by the new mother, is covered in vague detail in less than 5 minutes.

I’m biased and I’m the first to admit that. I’m a placenta specialist (I’ll explain in a moment) and I’ve handled (through vinyl gloves), blended, dehydrated, powdered, encapsulated, printed and prepared hundreds of placentas for new mothers around the world. I find the placenta a fascinating, magical and beautiful organ in all its forms. Yes, I’m different and I won’t take offense if you call me weird. As a placenta specialist my job is to nurture, cradle and respect this forgotten organ and transform it into remedies that over the years I’ve seen benefit so many new mothers after birth. Continue reading

For the tired parent: 6 ways to boost your energy levels

Exhausted Parents

Taking a 10 to 30-minute cat nap during the day can give your energy levels a boost and help the day go more smoothly

Do you feel constantly tired?  Do you wish you could have more energy and have a bit more oomph left in the evening to do something for yourself once the kids have gone to bed?

Being a parent of young children is highly demanding mentally, emotionally and physically.  Lack of uninterrupted sleep and being on the go all the time can take its toll, however there some things we can put in place to look after our energy levels.

In today’s post I would like to explore the subject of energy from a holistic point of view.  Our energy levels are not only affected by our lifestyle, there are also more subtle, less obvious energy sappers to consider.

But first let’s start with some practical ideas.  Making small adjustments in lifestyle and mindset are likely help make a difference to your energy levels fairly quickly. 

1.     Lifestyle & stress

Energy management is similar to weight management in that it’s about input and output.  Continue reading