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Surviving the Early Morning Rush Hour

Written by Lorraine Thomas

The parent's morning battle field

The morning rush can be a battle field

A couple of days ago, one of my clients, Sarah, was in tears within moments of beginning our coaching session.

Sarah is a senior manager in one of the UK’s leading companies.  She’s responsible for a team of nearly 100 people and very successful at her job, working under pressure to very tight deadlines on a daily basis.

But it wasn’t this that had reduced her to tears .  It was her three and a half year old daughter, Katy.  She said that every morning – between 7.30 and 8.30am – she felt as though she was entering a war zone.

I asked her to tell me what she would ideally like to be happening in that hour, breaking down the time into 15 minute segments.  She was very clear.  She wanted Katy to get dressed without making a fuss and eat her breakfast instead of playing with it.  Most importantly, she wanted to have fun with her and the chance to chat and play before they both went their separate ways.

The reality was very different. Continue reading