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Review: Disney: The Simple Family Cookbook, worth £17.99

Disney: Simple Recipe CookbookReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Victoria Wade.

The Disney Simple Family Cookbook was really colourful and easy to follow, especially for little ones which is great. All of the recipes were simple, they only needed a few ingredients and the steps were basic enough to follow. Me and my daughter had a go at making the summer ratatouille and the chocolate mousse, I found both of the recipes were quick and simple to make, as well as fun to do together.

All of the recipes come with a prep and cook time so you know how long you’re going to be spending making each recipe in total which I think is really helpful.

I feel that the recipes were inventive, especially with how they linked to Disney.

I love the fact that the sweets don’t include refined sugar as I avoid it for my child and there were also plenty of meat free recipes as well.

Overall, I think the cookbook contains a lot of really good recipes, it is simple to use and you could make some fun and delicious recipes for all the family.

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Disney On Ice presents ‘Dream Big’ is coming to the UK

Disney on Ice Dream BigAudiences will set sail with the wayfinder Moana as she makes her UK debut live on ice in Disney On Ice presents Dream Big. This all-new production, produced by Feld Entertainment, assembles a collection of inspiring stories connected by a cast of characters with a desire to explore the depths, heights and horizons of their dreams. Alongside Moana and demigod Maui are eight tales of courage and heart, including Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Tangled.

Courage leads the way for Disney’s most daring heroines, in this brand-new ice skating spectacular. Travel to the kingdom of Arendelle with Anna, Elsa and Olaf in a dramatic retelling of the sisterly love that saved a kingdom. Jump into amazing adventures with Aladdin as he seizes his chance to outwit his adversaries in the marketplace of Agrabah. Discover uncharted worlds with Rapunzel and Jasmine. Battle the villain Maleficent in the form of a fire-breathing dragon alongside Prince Phillip, igniting the ice in a blazing spectacle. Dive under the sea with headstrong Ariel as she yearns to explore life above the waves and is willing to risk it all for curiosity and the thrill of adventure. And find the inner strength that comes from kindness and determination with Belle, Aurora and Cinderella. Plus, arrive early to celebrate 90 years of Walt Disney’s true original, Mickey Mouse. High-flying jumps, breathtaking skating and lovable Disney friends make Disney On Ice presents Dream Big an experience your family will never forget! Continue reading

Review: Disney On Ice 2018 – Worlds of Enchantment

A family day out to Disney on Ice 2018

A family day out to Disney on Ice 2018

Written by Eloise from Toddle About HQ.

Lorraine and I were delighted to be invited to watch Disney On Ice World’s of Enchantment with our families at the Genting Area in Birmingham.

Neither of us had been to a Disney On Ice show before and we were both unsure of what to expect from it, however, both our 3 year olds were super excited to see some of their favourite Disney characters perform right in front of their eyes.

There was a huge buzz of excitement as we entered the Genting arena, with lots of excited children (and adults) dressed as their favourite characters from the films.

The show is guided by Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy, of whom had our little ones belly laughing out loud with his clumsiness.

We were taken on an a magical adventure to four different locations, including Radiator Springs from Cars, Andy’s bedroom from Toy Story 3, the Underwater Kingdom of Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Arendelle from Frozen. Continue reading

Review: Disney on Ice 2017 – Passport to Adventure

At disney on ice 2017

A family day out at Disney on Ice 2017 in Birmingham

Our trip to Disney on Ice last weekend was our 3rd annual visit and it was our favourite yet.

On the face of it, I always thought that the concept of ‘Disney on Ice’ was, well, a bit strange. I couldn’t really see why watching Disney characters skate around an ice rink would be particularly entertaining…

And if I told you that the ‘actors’ don’t actually speak – they mime (perfectly) along to a pre-recorded soundtrack – you might be tempted to give it a miss.

But I’m here to tell you that you’d be missing out on a real treat. Continue reading

Disney On Ice presents ‘Passport To Adventure’ is coming to the UK


Join Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as they take audiences on a fun-filled tour in Disney On Ice presents Passport to Adventure. Journey to the most memorable Disney destinations with all of your favorite characters and get swept away by classic tales that have captivated the world. The show will be in the UK from 22nd September to 30th December and tickets are available from

You and your family will explore the African Pride Lands with Simba, Timon and Pumbaa, voyage deep under the sea to Ariel’s mystical underwater kingdom and tour London with Peter Pan and Wendy, before flying to Neverland to meet up with Tinker Bell. You’ll also be whisked away to the wintery wonderland of the number-one-animated feature film of all time, Disney’s Frozen, for an extraordinary adventure with sisters Anna and Elsa, rugged mountain man Kristoff and everyone’s favorite huggable snowman Olaf, as they journey to discover that true love is the most magical power of all. If that wasn’t enough, don’t miss the pre-show party! Enjoy every second of this sensational show – starting with the chance to warm up at the fun Fit to Dance pre-show featuring Zootropolis! Continue reading

Review: Disney on Ice 2015 at the Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham

Reviewed Performance: 11am on Sunday 25th October 2015

OK, so I need to admit it – before going along to see the Disney on Ice show today, I was a little sceptical. After all, I thought, there’s only so much scope for what can actually be done on ice, right?  And watching some Disney characters skating round a rink for a couple of hours didn’t sound overly exciting… But I was pretty confident that the kids would love it. And there’s (almost) nothing I won’t do if it puts a smile on their faces. So off we went.

And I must say, I was very pleasantly surprised.

Toy Story 3 on Ice

The cast of Toy Story were amazing in the ice skating re-telling of this well-loved classic

The children, as expected, were delighted to see their favourite Disney characters performing for them. Their faces properly lit up with beaming smiles. And – dare I say it – I really enjoyed it too.

The show was Continue reading