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6 Proven Ways to Help Your Child Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Written by Diane Pawsey, the Family Sleep Consultant

Sleeping baby

For babies, daytime naps are the key to a good night’s sleep

Sleep deprivation has been proven to affect children in many ways. Poor physical development, lack of concentration and behavioural issues are just a few of the side effects. If your baby isn’t sleeping through the night, or maybe refusing to take day time naps, try some of these tips from Diane Pawsey, The Family Sleep Consultant.


1) Establish a routine

Developing good sleep associations is vital to establishing a routine. A bedtime routine should take no longer than half an hour or your child will forget where you are going. They need to follow a sequence of steps each night, to trigger the association to bedtime. Place your baby in their cot awake as this will allow them to self-settle, one of the most valuable tools a child can learn. Continue reading