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Fun Learning Activities To Help Improve Your Toddler’s Development

Sometimes entertaining a toddler is hard work. After all, they are curious little creatures who roam around your house, putting their hands in and on anything they can find. That’s why parents find themselves in the position of performing tricks to distract them from what they aren’t supposed to be doing, to something that they can be doing.  It isn’t always easy, especially on days with low energy. Take some notes, because we will give you some awesome indoor and outdoor ideas for your job as a master toddler entertainer. 


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How Music Affects the Growing Minds of Our Children

By Natalie Young, Owner of Gymboree Warwick, Childcare Practitioner, Chiltern trained Nanny and mother of one.

Child dancing to music

Music send us into a world of movement, making us instantly want to dance – no matter how old we are!

Throughout my life I have met many children, babies and toddlers, each very unique but each with something very special in common: the ability to be completely captivated by the sound of music.

Generally, this is carried through into adulthood. Physically, music sends us into a world of movement, making us instantly want to dance. Mentally, it has the power to draw out memories and emotions from forgotten moments in our life, whether they be 20 years ago or yesterday. This is the same for a child.

When carrying my firstborn, I excitedly approached 16 weeks gestation, which is the point where research has proven that babies can listen and respond to sounds heard from outside the womb. I began playing classical music and singing to my bump, when indeed I would feel her flutter away in her peaceful pod, safe inside my womb. This music created some our very first moments of connection, marking the beginning of a lifelong mother and daughter bond. I am sure many parents out there have shared this exact same experience.

My earliest memories with Isabella as a newborn are of singing to her. She suffered from severe acid reflux and there were many hours where my partner and I held her – rigid in pain – in our arms. Singing seemed to soothe her as well as us. Continue reading