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Is Your Child Getting Too Much Screen Time? A Psychologist’s opinion

By Dr. Helen Andrews, Clinical Psychologist

Baby with iPad / Tablet

Too much screen time can remove our children from the human interaction that is crucial to their healthy development. But banning it altogether isn’t the answer.

The use of handheld technology must be one of the biggest changes over the last few years for society, researchers and parents to think about and fully understand the consequences of. We have been thinking about the pros and cons of young children watching television for some time – and we don’t yet agree on the risks and benefits associated with that! What are we supposed to think generally about the amount of screen time young children are exposed to?

As with most parenting decisions, there are no absolute dos and don’ts. However, there are certainly lots of things to consider whilst you contemplate your own view on this subject.

The young child’s developing brain is affected by all repeated experiences and opportunities. Continue reading