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Starting School: 5 ways to help an anxious child

By Dr. Helen Andrews

Getting Ready for School

Whenever you feel your child is getting anxious, bring them in close, get down to their level, listen to what they have to say and reassure them.

Summer is well and truly here and it won’t be long till September is upon us. Across the country four year olds and their parents will be feeling excited and maybe a little worried about starting ‘big school’. Some children will take it in their stride, whilst others will find it harder. The same goes for mums and dads. What can we do to help this important milestone go as smoothly as possible?

1. Make school seem more familiar

We are all more likely to feel anxious when faced with something unfamiliar. Your child is likely to have had the opportunity to visit their school during the summer term, which should help build familiarity. You can build on this by walking past the school frequently and talking about what it is like. Continue reading