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Review: The Girl Who Really, Really, Really Loves Dinosaurs Book, worth £6.99

The girl who really really really loves dinosaursReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Samantha Butler.

As a fan of dinosaurs for girls I was really excited to read this book with Aria.

Last night we snuggled up on the sofa to enjoy our evening read. As Aria is only 2 for her it’s more about the illustrations and sounds associated with a book rather than the actual story; but this book was perfect for that.

The bright illustrations really held her attention, after we had finished reading the book she enjoyed going back and pointing at the animals for me to imitate the sounds they make to her.

I enjoyed the story especially the educational aspect (Lara’s visit to the museum). Although Aria is too young to learn about the evolution of dinosaurs at the moment I think that this will be brilliant when she is older.

I like that the book is interesting for Aria to look at now and that as she grows she will be able to love the story and learn from it – she won’t outgrow this one quickly, it will be enjoyed for a long time.

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