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How can I make the upheaval of moving home less stressful for my Child?

Moving house as an adult is one of the most stressful things you can do. There’s so much to organise, there’s costs to think about, and of course the emotional upheaval of the entire process can be exhausting. But what is it like for your child? To your child, you and their family home are the centre of their universe, and it’s difficult for them to imagine much else. So how can we help our children to better understand and find the moving on of moving house less stressful? There are a few tips that can help along the way.

Get on Their Level

The things that you’re worrying about in relation to what your child is worrying about in regards to the move are probably worlds apart. Whatever you do, a great place to start is by being honest with them and making them feel as included as you possibly can, without allowing them to share your worries. Something commonly found here, is that children will ultimately gravitate towards focusing what they may lose in the move such as their friends, their current school, and their current bedroom. Distracting from this and guiding them towards focusing on the positives of moving to a new home such as gaining more friends and a brand new bedroom is a great way of encouraging them to turn their nerves and sadness into excitement! Continue reading

Toddle Models Spring 2019 – The Winner!

Toddle Models Photo Competition

Thank you to everyone who entered this issue’s Toddle Models baby and toddler photo competition!

All we can say is WOW! You sent in over 600 entries, and every single one of them could have been a winner. You made our job judging this competition HARD… but fun! Thank you so much for getting involved.

If you haven’t seen them yet, you can see Northants, Bucks, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire entries here. Suffolk entries can be seen here.

haven-logoThis season, we had 1 winner, who as won a family holiday to any one of Haven’s 36 coastal holiday parks located in the UK, worth up to £500. (See below)

And don’t forget, even if you haven’t won, we will print as many entries as possible in the July – September 2019 edition of the Toddle About magazine to give you a lovely keepsake. Sadly we won’t be able to print them all, but we will fit in as many as possible.

This edition will be coming out on 8th July 2019 and you can join our VIP Club for just £1 to make sure you get your own copy. (For another 2 weeks only, SUFFOLK parents can still get FREE subscription for a year by signing up here)

Congratulations go to…

Toddle Models Winner

5 reasons why toddlers and young children shouldn’t be given mobile phones

Child with phoneMillennial kids have been born at a time when technology has almost encapsulated their entire lives. With technology growing rampantly across the world, there are digital things for everyone – from babies and toddlers on up.

Young children learn from the environment that they are born and bred in and when they see other adults and kids so engaged in using something, they are automatically tempted towards that thing.

The tablets and apps that are made for kids to use are truly amazing, and there are lots of benefits in terms of learning opportunities and cognitive development… but there are also possible dangers when they are used excessively. Continue reading

Unique and Fun Products for Little Ones: Shop About Spring 2019

Oyster Carapace I-Size CollectionThere are amazing products coming out all the time for bumps, babies and toddlers. Here’s our run down of some of the best things available on the market today:

Oyster Carapace I-Size Collection – £249

The latest addition to the award-winning Oyster range from BabyStyle, the Collection includes the Carapace Toddler i-Size Car Seat and the Duofix i-Size Base, which together offer comfort and safety up to around four years of age. The seat can be reclined in both rearward and forward facing positions and features easy harness and headrest adjustments, ensuring your child is safe and secure.

Buy from Continue reading

4 tips for busy mums who want to get an Education

Image credit: georgerudy / Adobe Stock

Image credit: georgerudy / Adobe Stock

You can have it all – romance, children, an education, a fantastic career and world travel. The catch? You can’t necessarily have it all at once – so you have to prioritise what’s most important in your life at any given time. There is no wrong answer to which of these wonderful things should come first and which can wait until later. If you’ve already made the choice to put your children ahead of a career and education, be aware that you’ve made a choice that works out well for many women.

But perhaps there’s a nagging little voice in your head telling you that you made a mistake – that you should have completed your education before you had children. Perhaps you’ve dreamed of returning to university to complete your education. Maybe you’re yearning for a career that will better provide for your children’s needs than your current situation allows.

Here’s the good news: You can make it happen! It will not be easy, but it’s rare for anything worthwhile to ever be easy. Countless other mums have returned to school to earn their degrees – and you can, too. Consider these 4 tips for busy mums who want to return to university: Continue reading

How to prepare your child for preschool

Wandsworth PreschoolGuest Post by Wandsworth Preschool.

It’s hard to think about your baby spreading their wings at such a young age and experiencing a world outside of the home, and it can be hard for a child to adjust to the change. There are a few steps you can take as a parent/carer that can make the transition less traumatic.

It’s important to make the preparation of preschool as fun as possible! Children shouldn’t feel that going to preschool is a chore, learning is enjoyable and its essential your child doesn’t feel that every trip is going to be educational.

Set some expectations of what your child can expect

The majority of children will feel anxious at the thought of starting preschool. You may feel tempted to address this by telling your child “school is always going to be fun, and you will enjoy every moment you are there” or “you don’t need to be scared everything will be fine,” try not to undermine your child’s anxiety and fears, instead give them information to of what they can expect, what they may be doing in class and who they might meet. Continue reading

Celebrate Stories, Love Reading: World Book Day 7th March 2019

World Book Day 2019To celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 7th March 2019, we asked some Toddle About readers to review new releases of children’s books to find some amazing, and less well known gems that you might want to discover for yourself. You can read all the book reviews below.

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Who's Hiding?Who’s Hiding? by Ana Seixas

Reviewer: Rachel Manders

Buy This Book

This book is colourful, a good size for toddlers to hold, and has interacting sliding panels to reveal hidden animals. These are a lot more robust than cardboard flaps or doors, and my 18-month-old son has enjoyed engaging with them. I was disappointed that there was no story as such. It would have been nice if, alongside this use of repetition to reinforce language, there was a bit more of a story to tie it all together. Overall, though, it’s a nice book that my son has enjoyed.

Continue reading

Mums Making It: Following Your Passion to the Perfect Career

diddi dance Anne-Marie Martin, founder of diddi dance, explains how she discovered her ‘why’ and used it to create the ideal job for herself – and many others.

I did my degree in dance a long time ago (no need to mention dates here!) and went on to perform all over the world. It was an amazing experience, but eventually the time came to think of a more stable and secure way of life. Having always been self-employed, I was used to hustling for contracts and work, and I had studied teaching in my final year of university, so I decided to search for dance teaching jobs. I travelled all over London from one class to another. Teaching dance to all ages was fun, but most of the work was in the evenings and at weekends.

It was then that I found a daytime play leader role from Monday to Friday, working with under 5s. And I loved it. During my time at this job, parents and childminders would often ask me about preschool dance classes. They knew I’d been a dancer and told me I should start up a class for little ones. I was unsure what I could teach to toddlers, but they took matters into their own hands and booked me a venue! I planned a rough 45-minute structure and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was completely different to any other dance classes I’d taught. Continue reading

Review: Aidie London Baby Moccasins, worth £17.99

Aidie London Baby MoccasinsReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Julia Steptoe.

I was happy to hear that I had been chosen to do a review on this product as we were looking for a soft shoe suitable for our 18 month old daughter to walk around inside in and the nice thing about it was I got to choose which colour I wanted so I went for the metallic gold polka dot baby moccasins for her.

When they arrived they came very well packed, in a small white box that would be perfect to give as a gift, I was impressed by the care taken to package the shoes carefully.

As soon as I opened the pack I was very happy with my choice. The smell and feel of the genuine leather was wonderful, the shoes have clearly been put together with great care and attention and I could not fault them. The gold polka dots are small and work well with the grey fabric, there is a trim that runs around the top of the shoe of little tassles that just give the shoe that extra little special look. The sole of the shoes have small bumps to give some grip, perfect for use on our wooden floors. I have had a couple of dirt marks on there that have come off with no damage or visible effect on the fabric. Continue reading