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Win a Dream House and Help Raise £1 Million for Dementia

Win a HouseOur Story – by Marty Pumbien and Annie Brown.

Putting your home up as the prize in a ‘Win a house’ competition is crazy, right?

So, giving some of the money raised to charity is even crazier?

Actually, no. It’s absolutely the thing to do…

My partner Annie and I have been nurses for three decades, both of us working with adults.  During our careers, whether on a busy Accident and Emergency Department, Emergency Admissions Unit, or more recently during my rounds as a District Nurse, we both have first-hand experience of helping people who have dementia.

It’s no news that the ageing population in the UK is increasing, along with the number of people with a form of dementia, virtually everyone knows someone who has been affected.

Since moving to a community based job, I’ve noticed services are struggling due to a lack funding available to them. I could list many examples of patients left on their own for hours at a time with my visit as the only contact with other people they had. Suffice to say, I saw it a lot. Continue reading

Review: Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table, worth £59.99

Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water TableReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Sophie Holford.

I was really pleased to be given the opportunity to review the Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table as my daughter loves water play – and with all the fantastic weather we’ve been having, it has been the perfect summer to try it out!

The water table requires full assembly, which I had anticipated, but hadn’t quite realised how many bits would need putting together. The instructions felt a bit cryptic at times, and when we made a mistake it was quite an effort to take pieces apart again. Some sections, especially the hose that runs from the pump to the centre – which still looks more squashed than it should – were a bit tricky to connect, and others like the pipes and u-bends fall apart very easily. However, with a bit of teamwork during nap-time, and without falling out too seriously, my husband and I managed to get it all up and running. Continue reading

Review: Organix Goodie Bag, worth over £7.00

Organix Goody BagReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Emily Short.

We were recently invited to taste and review some of the new products in the Organix and Organix Goodies range and they didn’t disappoint. Organix’ is synopses with yummy and healthy snacks  for babies and toddlers and are proud of their tagline ‘Great Taste No Junk’  and as a family comprising of a 3 year old girl and 16 month old boy/girl twins as you can imagine we love Organix products as a snack or to pop in our picnic or packed lunch box.

When the box arrived we couldn’t wait to rip into it and try the goodies, the main contents were the multi-packs of the new pea puffs and cheese and onion lentil hoops, the pea puffs are marketed at 6 months plus whilst the lentil hoops are for 12 months plus, the ingredients and nutritional advice is visible on all bags. Continue reading

Review: Shapes Colours Numbers Book, £14.99

Shapes Colours Numbers BookReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Charlotte Hale.

‘Shapes Colours Numbers’ by Dario Zeruto is a versatile and intriguing book for children. It is refreshingly simplistic in its design and doesn’t rely on popular children’s television characters or flashy gimmicks to set it apart.

It is unlike any other book that I have seen and I have to say that I do like to encourage and grow my Son’s love of books by searching for and providing him with a variety of different and unusual books.

On receiving the book I felt excited, as even on initial appearance you can tell that it is something special and has a good solid weight to it that only a good book can own. The book was enjoyable from the outset of its cover and throughout its entirety due to its wonderful texture and tactility and in this technological age this is not something that can be replicated on a device which makes sharing this book with your child even more precious. Continue reading

Review: 5 Wild Numbers Book, worth £9.99

5 Wild Numbers BookReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Michelle Hayes.

This book, at first glance, is beautifully colourful and visually appealing. It is aimed at helping children learn to write their numbers. Each page has a short rhyme to do with a particular number and a large number with a sliding disk and arrows, the aim being that you slide the disk along the number to learn how to write that number.

The book is of high quality, it is executed very well and feels like a sturdy book which will withstand all the bumps and drops an average pre-schooler would throw at it.

I was worried at first as the disk on the front page of my copy didn’t move smoothly and got stuck on the corners of the number 5, however, all the disks inside the book were really easy to move and 4 year old had no difficulty in moving them. Continue reading

Review: Ella Organic Muslin Set, £19.99

Vensoure Ella MuslinReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Parminder Randhawa.

The Venosure muslin squares are an amazing product.

The muslin squares are of a really good size so they can be used for multiple purposes; on a nappy changing mat, for burping your little one or for cleaning up baby sick or milk dribble, we even used it as cover in the sun on holiday.

The muslin squares are made of a very good quality material too and are very absorbent, allowing for the muslin cloth to be used quite a few times before it needing to be washed.

My little one has very sensitive skin so I’m very cautious about what I use on or against his skin but as these muslin squares are very soft they caused no issues on his skin at all.

The muslin squares can be washed normally in the washing machine and can also be put in a tumble dryer and they still remain in excellent condition after doing so.

I would highly recommend this product to mummies.

Purchase from Venosure

Review: My Little Sous Chef, £22

My Little Sous ChefReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Katie Pavey.

When I first received these cook books I had the initial flick through and was really impressed at the layout and format.  I think they are very engaging and I know my 5 year old daughter was really excited to start cooking.

The adult and children’s book are clever with the corresponding page numbers and I think the ‘little sous chef’ is very apt title and Daisy has enjoyed calling herself that.

The books aren’t for the novice cook/baker which isn’t a problem for me but I was initially struck however with a bit of disappointment over the choice of recipes.  This is in fairness, possibly a more personal opinion but I don’t think I’m alone with a child who, left to their own devices, would choose either Pizza, sausages or something beige 3 times a day and I felt the recipes in this were perhaps a little random and I can’t say there is any main dish I would make for dinner apart from the home-made burgers.  The recipes are more angled towards vegetarians/vegans with very few meat dishes. Continue reading

Review: One Dear World (Book & Doll), £19

One Dear WorldReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Evie Underwood.

I received my ‘Hope’ doll and book last week and my gosh what a gorgeous product!

The doll is made of fantastic quality and the hair is the best I have ever seen on a doll. I would also like to thank Winnie from One Dear World for the personalised note, that was a very nice touch.

I love the multicultural selection of dolls that are available, it means there’s one suitable for everyone and nobody feels left out – also, like me, you could choose a completely different doll to your own race to introduce other races to children at a young age.  Hope has a very friendly face, without it being over the top which is nice as I have found some dolls look too over excited whilst others can look miserable and off putting for children.  Continue reading

Review: Snuggly Rascal Headphones, £14.99

Snuggly Rascal HeadphonesReview written by Toddle About VIP Club member, Carla Burrows.

We were really excited to find the Snuggly Rascal headphones had come through our letter box when we returned from holiday. The tester was my newly turned 4 year old Evie and she wanted to put them on straight away. The cute cuddly design was a real hit with Evie as was the soft texture of the material as with many preschoolers any thing remotely itchy is not going to be tolerated.

Whilst getting the earphones positioned right is something that will take a bit of practice for the younger user, I was very impressed by this feature as it will make them longer lasting and it is a real bonus that they can be removed so that you can wash the headband, another requirement for small children. Continue reading

5 Amazing Apps for New Mothers

5 App for New MumsAs a new mother, you barely have the time to think, let alone rest. The endless burping, feeding, crying, disturbed sleep, and changing wears down on your energy levels over the months following the birth of your child.

Save yourself precious time and improve your parenting by downloading a few parenting apps to assist you with your daily baby care tasks.

Do I have to sell my J5 to run these apps? Well, that depends on your device, but these apps are available on both Android and iOS.

Install the apps and play around with them for a few days before making your final judgment call on their efficacy.

1. WebMD Baby

If you think your baby may be ill, there’s no need to rush off to the hospital right away if it’s not an emergency. WebMD Baby has plenty of useful information on a wide variety of adverse health conditions that affect infants. Enter the symptoms and receive an accurate answer approved by medical professionals. Continue reading