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REVIEW: Love Keep Create Standard Keepsake Animal, from £25

Love Keep CreateWritten by Jess McLish.


I was delighted when I was asked to review the Love Keep Keepsake Animal. I had heard about the product from a friend and also seen it online.

The product:

I have a bag of baby grows which my little girl has grown out of, and I sorted through them to choose four special ones. I chose her first baby grow which she wore in hospital, and then three of her tiny baby babygrows which she wore in the first weeks. I posted them to LoveKeepCreate Ltd in a Jiffy bag.  Continue reading

REVIEW: Blade & Rose Zap Leggings, £10

Blade & Rose LeggingsWritten by Laura Lloyd.

Look at ‘ZAP’ bottom!

Bright, eye-catching and fun. The new range of Blade and Rose leggings does not disappoint. The leggings, with a rainbow of colours and trendy designs available, come with an adorable print on the bum. When the leggings arrived, my son had just mastered crawling so I was eager to test them.

We had the vibrant ‘ZAP’ print leggings, adorned with bold red and yellow stripes, he stood out crawling around at the local soft play. I had to smile, as I watched his patterned bum wriggling around in the ball pit.  Continue reading

REVIEW: 3 Sprouts Back Seat Organiser – Bulldog Design

3 Sprouts Back Seat OrganiserWritten by Diane Boulanger.

I’d been looking for a suitable organiser to go in the car for my little one for some time now and was very pleased to review this particular one.

I have a 3 year old who likes to have his things within reach without it all being on his lap. The ideal organiser would have enough pouches for his juice bottle, a few small toys to keep him occupied and small snack pots. Plus it would have the added advantage of protecting the front seat from scuffs. Continue reading

Toddle About’s Visit to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Park

James and the Red Balloon

James and the Red Balloon Ride is the new edition to Thomas Land

All aboard! The Toddle About Team were all delighted to be invited to Drayton Manor Park in Tamworth on their opening weekend for 2017 to witness the launch of the new ride, James and the Red Balloon in Thomas Land.

All four members of staff and their families were super excited to visit Drayton Manor, with two of the youngest members, both 2 ½ years old, asking daily when they were going to Thomas Land, when the day did eventually arrive, you could not wipe the smiles off their little faces and they looked like they could just burst with excitement.

Upon walking through the gates into Drayton Manor, Thomas Land is one of the first areas you see, as you enter it’s like you turn back into a child again yourself, you get a feeling of excitement as you wonder which one of the attractions on the Island of Sodor will be your first one of the day.  Continue reading

Help Wistow Maize Maze Choose their Mystery Theme


Help Wistow Maze choose their activity theme for 2017

Wistow Maze is a wonderful family day out – we have been every year for the last 4 years and it has become something of a family tradition!

And today, they need your help.

Set in a beautiful rural location in South Leicestershire, the children love running around the massive 8-acre maze, getting lost and finding their way out again. To add to the fun, Wistow Maze incorporate a fun activity trail in the maze – finding boards in the maze and answering quiz questions, or solving puzzles.

And that’s where you come in.

For 2017, Wistow Maze have a mystery detective theme, and they want to challenge visitors to find the clues to solve a crime. It will be a ‘Who Done It’ for all the family. But they’re not sure what kind of curious case to put before its visitors. They have whittled it down to 2 main options – but they don’t know which to choose. Will you help? Continue reading

Forget 2.4 Kids: The average UK family now has 1.7 Children, 1.4 Parents and 1/2 a Dog

Mr. Men Little Miss

No two families are the same, which is why Family Portraits with a host of familiar characters and pets has been created

Mr. Men Research identifies the face of the average modern family in the UK, which also includes 1.4 grandparents, 1 friend and 2.6 cousins.

As Mr. Men Little Miss launch its new Family Portraits service with 231m different family combinations available, new research examining the make-up of modern families reveals how our immediate families have changed from the traditional, with Brits counting at least one of their friends as a member of the family. 

  • Friends really are the family we choose, with nearly two thirds of us (59%) relying on friends for help and advice as much as we do our families.
  • There’s also a great deal of importance placed on our furry friends – 74% of Brits considers pets to be part of the family, while 1.5m Brits consider pets to be more important that members of their immediate family!
  • Despite nearly half of us (41%) taking at least one family photo every month, under 1 in 3 (31%) of us own a framed family portrait.
  • Mothers-in-law are more popular than the stereotype suggests, with 90% of us considering them part of our immediate family and more than half of us feeling close to them.
  • Women (74%) are more likely to take a family portrait than men (64%).
  • With the help of handy camera phones, some 2.6m Brits now take a family portrait every day.

Continue reading

The First Swim – Top tips for your first trip to pool with your baby

Swim Works and Little Splashers

Swimming with your little one is a wonderful bonding experience for you both

By Jo Wilson, co-Director of Swim Works and Little Splashers.

We often get asked for advice on how to prepare for our swim classes, or even just hear cries of, “Help! I’ve never done this before!” But don’t worry – most babies love the water as it’s a very natural environment for them and a wonderful bonding experience for you both.

Baby swimming lessons are the best way to introduce your little one to the water – you get to swim with a qualified, supportive instructor and lots of other parents too so you can share your experiences. But regardless of whether you have lessons or go it alone, there’s lots you can do to make sure that first trip to pool goes swimmingly! Continue reading

Chromatography Butterfly Craft – A science experiment for little ones with a Spring twist

Chromatography Butterfly CraftBy Leigh Whitwell from Mini Professors

Most children are used to mixing colours with paints or play dough, but have your children had the chance to try separating colour mixtures? In this experiment, you can explore chromatography (separating mixtures) with your child, whilst making beautiful butterflies in the process. Using coffee filters, you will separate the various pigments in marker pens to see how each colour was created!

You will need:

  • Non-permanent marker pens
  • White Coffee Filters – although kitchen roll also works
  • A Pencil
  • Short drinking glass
  • Cups of water
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • String
  • Scissors

Continue reading

Buckinghamshire Baby & Toddler Show: Saturday 29th April 2017

Buckinghamshire Baby & Toddler Show

Tickets for the Bucks Baby and Toddler Show are on sale now!

The Bucks Baby and Toddler Show is the biggest and best parenting event in the county. There will be great shopping, parenting experts, a fantastic demonstration programme, activities, refreshments and fun-filled family entertainment.

To make sure everyone has a fun day, the little ones will have a large soft play area to enjoy and special guest appearances from Fireman Sam, Minnie Mouse and other favourite characters throughout the day, with photo opportunities.

There is a jam-packed programme in the Demonstration Area, with a whole range of different activities and taster session for you to try, including baby and toddler first aid, baby massage, hypnobirthing, baby yoga, music and movement classes, baby signing and much more.

You can also get your hands on one of 500 exclusive goody bags containing come great treats! Goody bags are strictly limited and will only be available to advanced ticketholders so make sure you get yours by buying your tickets early, before they all go.

Whether you are expecting your first or have a little one in pre-school, this is the premier parenting event in the county, celebrating everything pregnancy to preschool in Buckinghamshire – we look forward to seeing you there! Continue reading

SING! How Music Impacts our Children’s Development

Quinton House Nursery

Learning songs creates an understanding of the world around us and helps children to learn empathy and other life skills

By Miss Jo Stone, Head of School Music, Quinton House School

The impact of the early years (birth to age five) on a child’s outcomes later in life is well documented. Early Years education is crucial in developing a range of skills including problem-solving abilities, creativity and physical skills as well as fostering a sense of well-being and discovery.

Accepted theory is that taking music lessons as a child enhances brain function and structure. Children with musical training do better in language, reading, and maths and have better fine motor skills than their non-musical classmates. When exposure to music training begins before age seven, the brain enhancement that takes place can last a lifetime.

Learning songs creates an understanding of the world around us and helps children to learn empathy and other life skills such as cooperation, patience, perseverance and respect.

So what can parents do to help develop these valuable skills? Continue reading