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Outdoor Learning at Daffodils Outdoor Nursery

Daffodils Outdoor Nursery

Research shows that time spent outdoors has a positive effect on children’s health

Daffodils Outdoor Nursery is a unique, Ofsted registered childcare setting that opened in September 2016, providing care for children age 2-5 years. Based on the border of Leicestershire and Northamptonshire, in Arthingworth, and surrounded by beautiful rolling countryside, they offer an exciting and unique opportunity for your children to experience freedom to learn in the outdoors.

The nursery is run by highly qualified staff and promotes the long-established philosophies of the Scandinavian Forest Kindergartens. Children explore, learn and develop in the outdoors, whatever the weather!

Outdoor Learning

Days are filled with activities and play that is led by the children’s interests and innate curiosity. The outdoor approach to learning allows children to learn to manage their own risks and challenges, supported by professional early years practitioners who will enhance their learning opportunities. Continue reading

Beat The Street: A Giant Walking and Cycling Game in Milton Keynes

Beat The Street

Beat the Street is completely free to play and is a great opportunity to go outdoors and spend time with your family

Milton Keynes is to be transformed into a giant walking and cycling game for its 50th birthday

Thousands of people are expected to take to the streets of Milton Keynes from February as the town is transformed into a giant walking and cycling game for its 50th birthday.

Running from 1 February to 15 March, Beat the Street is a free, fun challenge which will turn Milton Keynes into a massive game where people are rewarded with points and prizes for exploring the town on foot or bicycle.

As Milton Keynes celebrates its 50th birthday, more than 100 special sensors called ‘Beat Boxes’ will appear across town. Players can pick up their own Beat the Street card and map at their local library or leisure centre and swipe as many Beat Boxes as possible to receive points and win prizes. Continue reading

Yummy Valentine Biscuits To Make With Your Little Ones

Valentine's Biscuits

These yummy biscuits would make perfect gifts

These yummy cookies make a great base for all sorts of ingredient combinations and make perfect gifts.


125g unsalted butter
60g (3oz) caster sugar
60g (3oz) soft light brown sugar
1 egg
½ tsp vanilla essence
200g plain flour
pinch of salt
¼ tsp ground cinnamon
½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
80g dried cranberries, chopped
60g white chocolate chips plus 60g white chocolate for drizzling Continue reading

How to Find the Perfect Pre-school Dance Class for Your Little One

Dancebox Studios

Dancebox Studios offers classes for dancers age 2-16 years.

Matthew Linecar-Boulton is the Artistic Director at Dancebox Studios based at The Hub, MK. Here he puts together a helpful ‘what to look for list’ when choosing a pre-school dance class:

The market is saturated with pre-school dance classes, so what should you be looking for when signing your little one up for their first dance experience?

MYTH – Dance teachers are all qualified

Unfortunately, there are lots of ‘dance teachers’ out there who are not qualified to teach. When choosing a class, make sure that the teacher is qualified with an accredited examining board and CDET. The examining boards will make sure that the teacher’s insurance and DBS checks are valid. If there are more than 8 children in the class, then there should also be a teaching assistant in the studio.

MYTH – Parents can’t stay in the studio with their little one

Parents should be allowed to stay with their little dancer until they are totally comfortable with the teacher. Only when the child is ready to be left alone should the parent be asked to leave the studio. Continue reading

Milton Keynes Leads The Way With Advanced Pregnancy Scans

Humpty Bumpty

Humpty Bumpty specialise in non-diagnostic 3D and 4D ultrasound scans.

The Very Latest and Best Pregnancy Scans Now Available in Milton Keynes

Busy businesswoman Lucy Johnson juggles being a mother of four young boys with running her own successful scanning clinic for mums-to-be.

The 33-year-old Buckinghamshire business owner set up Humpty Bumpty in Milton Keynes, after having a detailed scan during her one of her own pregnancies.

Lucy felt a deep bonding experience having seen on screen what her first son Lennon looked like before he was born and decided she wanted other pregnant women to have the opportunity to enjoy something similar.

Lucy loved being pregnant, immersing herself in all aspects of parenthood and the idea of setting up a baby scanning clinic was conceived and Humpty Bumpty was born!

Lucy said: “At Humpty Bumpty we specialise in non-diagnostic 3D and 4D ultrasound scans that allow parents and their family members to see the baby before it’s born, providing a positive bonding experience that lasts a lifetime. Continue reading

Oxfordshire Baby & Toddler Show: Sunday 19th February 2017

Oxfordshire Baby & Toddler ShowToddle About are proud to announce that we will be working with Bright Spark Events once again this year as they bring the Oxfordshire Baby and Toddler Show to The Kassam Stadium, Oxford on Sunday 19th February 2017.

The Show is the biggest and best parenting event in the county, with over 80 fantastic stands all under one roof, celebrating everything pregnancy to preschool. There will be great shopping, parenting experts, a fantastic demonstration programme, activities, refreshments and fun-filled family entertainment.

To make sure everyone has a fun day, the little ones will have a large soft play area to enjoy and there will be special guest appearances from Paw Patrol, Fireman Sam, Minnie Mouse and Anna and Elsa throughout the day, with photo opportunities.

There is a jam-packed programme in the Demonstration Area, with a whole range of different activities and taster session for you to try, including baby and toddler first aid, baby massage, hypnobirthing, baby yoga, music and movement classes, baby signing and much more.

You can also get your hands on one of 500 exclusive goodie bags containing come great treats! Goody bags are strictly limited and will only be available to advanced ticket holders so make sure you get yours by buying your tickets early, before they all go. Continue reading

Baby Naming Ceremonies: Celebrate Your Baby

UK Celebrants

Baby Naming Ceremonies are completely flexible and can be carried out whatever the age of the child.

By Jane Gower, UK Celebrants

Exploring the appeal and practicalities of Baby Naming Ceremonies

The Baby Naming Ceremony is a relatively new phenomenon that has been gaining in popularity over recent years – helped no doubt by the many celebrity couples who have opted for this way of commemorating the arrival of their new baby.

What is a Baby Naming Ceremony?

Baby Naming Ceremonies are a secular (non-religious) event – they focus on the relationship between the parents and their child, and welcoming the baby into the family and community, rather than a particular faith. Continue reading

Working For Yourself: The Options

Working for yourself

There are many pros and cons about working for yourself

If you want a job with the flexibility to work around your family, you will probably have considered working for yourself. There are three main models for being self-employed – here we explore the different models and the pros and cons of each.

# Option A – The Entrepreneur

You have a passion, an idea or a special talent. You spot a problem that you can solve and a gap in the market – and you decide to create a business to bring your dream to life.

For most people, starting a new business is the first way they consider becoming self-employed. It is probably the most exciting and rewarding option available. It also carries the greatest risk.

If you haven’t run a business before, you will be venturing into the unknown. It will require a significant investment of time and probably money, and you will have a lot to learn – often by trial and error. At the beginning you will be the visionary, the manager, the worker, the bookkeeper and the cleaner. There’s a lot to do, and if the business fails, it can be crushing. Continue reading

Positive Parenting – 6 Ways to Encourage Good Behaviour (and leave everyone feeling happy!)

Positive Parenting

Children are constantly learning and growing and as parents we are our children’s first teachers.

By Nicola Masters – Head of Early Years & KS1 at Akeley Wood Junior School and Nursery

As a parent, how proud do you feel when someone praises your child for their good behaviour? Likewise, how quickly do you wish you could run and hide when that same child decides to throw a tantrum at the local supermarket? You are now faced with a consequence, how do you deal with the good, the bad or the ugly? Your response as a parent is key…

In a nutshell, this is what positive behaviour management is all about…

If we want our children to become responsible and resourceful members of the community, we first need to recognise that children are constantly learning and growing and that as parents we are also our children’s first teachers.

With the right help and support, many people believe that from an early age, children can be taught to think for themselves and learn how to control their emotional and social behaviour without having to rely on one punishment after another to correct disobedience. Continue reading

Top Tips when Moving House with Children

Moving House with Children

It is important that you discuss moving with your children as soon as possible.

Robinsons Relocation have helped thousands of families move house so they’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Here are their top tips to help make your move an enjoyable experience – and how to make it easier on your children, who are likely to be unsettled by the prospect of leaving their home.

Moving home to a new location affects each child differently.

As soon as you have made the decision to move house, it is important that you discuss the move with your children as soon as possible. Your move can be a positive adventure, provided you make it a family affair.

Be sympathetic to your children’s individual needs and fears but remember, children do adjust quickly – even those who have reacted negatively at first, or who are overly concerned. Continue reading