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Review: Rugbytots in Northampton

Rugbytots is the first Rugby-based activity session for toddlers

By Louise Drake

Kicking through the postsRugbytots is a specifically designed play programme using the multiple skills of Rugby to create a fun and enjoyable environment whilst developing basic core motor skills. The game of rugby promotes a wide range and varied number of skills which are transferable into the majority of sports and walks of life. The programme appears to have been designed to develop a child’s physical, psychological and social attributes, as well as gently encouraging rugby specific skills such as running with the ball, finding space, kicking, catching, scoring a try and much more. We have been along to 3 classes now and each class whilst focusing on Rugby, had different activities that our son really enjoyed. Activities included the children choosing the right coloured balls, counting and whilst practicing those all important tries remembering to do the try on the right coloured shape.

My Husband Ross and I took our Son Jonathan (age 2) along to three Rugbytots sessions. A typical one hour Rugbytots session began with a free-for-all practice (warm up) with children kicking foam Rugby balls around the room and over the posts whilst Liam - Head coach and Lauren would welcome all of the children to the session and issue name stickers. Children would take it in turns to participate in activities whilst other children watched or practiced with their parents.

Warming upLearning to catch

There were catching and throwing activities that all the children enjoyed and the head coach Liam was fantastic with the children. He gave them all equal turns as well as encouraging their parents to join in by passing the ball between the parent and child’s legs, throwing and catching the rugby ball to each other, or throwing the ball through a hoop . Another exercise involved running in and out of the cones to be first to score a try, then crawling through the tunnel before running all the way back to their coloured shape whilst at the same time racing another child. Each week the activities would change slightly, which kept the activities enjoyable whilst still focusing on learning specific skills. Jonathan’s favourite part was him running to the coaches to score a try – at least that was until the posts came out and he had the opportunity to kick the ball over the posts to score!

We were made to feel very welcome by other parents and it was fantastic watching Jonathan’s face light up as the ball went over and between the posts. He loved joining in with the other activities as well as helping collect balls or cones up to give back to the coaches after each activity. Coaches Liam and Lauren were very friendly and the children responded so well to them and the setting of Franklins Gardens (‘The Saints’ Rugby ground) was a great setting for a Rugbytots session as the children could see the real rugby pitch after they left the room.

Jonathan thoroughly enjoyed the sessions we attended. He was welcomed into the group and interacted well with the coaches and other children. The sessions are both Interactive and educational - not just treated as a run around. We have been so impressed with the coaches, the way the classes are run and how they include colours, numbers, catching and throwing as well as rugby skills, that Jonathan will now continue as a Rugbytot.

Learning to throwRunning with the ballHelping to tidy up

Find out more about Rugbytots in Northampton

Rugbytots is divided into 3 different age groups (which are unisex):-
  • 2-3 ½ years - Junior Rugbytots
  • 3 ½ – 5 years - Senior Rugbytots
  • 5-7 – years - Advanced Rugbytots

For further information and to register your interest in a trial session for the Northampton area, contact Gemma on 0845 313 3254 or email [email protected].

See locations, days and times of Rugbytots sessions in Northampton here, or visit the Rugbytots website to find out more.

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A huge thank you to Louise Drake for writing this review! Louise is mum to Jonathan (2 years) and wife to Ross, and is - of course- a Toddle About reader!