Review: Music Bugs

Music classes for children aged 6 months to 4 years

Review by Fiona Gibbs

Chasing bubbles at Music BugsMusic Bugs provide fun and friendly music classes for children aged 6 months to 4 years. Puppets, scarves, pom poms and instruments are all used to encourage young children to develop through music and song. Music classes are a great way for children to socialise and research has shown that singing songs and rhymes on a regular basis helps to widen vocabulary and improve essential communication skills.

The session I attended with my two-year old, William, was great. When we arrived there was only one other child there, but as people arrived, the leader (Fiona) greeted them all by name. She asked the children questions about their week and clearly had a good relationship with adults and toddlers alike. Fun, fish-shaped floor mats were arranged around the room in a circle, giving everyone their own space to sit in, whilst avoiding the formality of chairs.

The 40 minute session began with a large bucket of instruments placed in the middle of the circle. The children selected their favourites, before making as much noise as they liked accompanying the next few songs. After the instruments were collected up, we sang a number of action and counting songs. In some we used props such as finger puppets and pom-poms, whilst in others the children just danced and did actions. All of the songs were new to me, but the tunes were simple and the leader ran through the words before we began and reminded us as we went along, so I never felt lost.

Music Bugs use a variety of props to engage the childrenWilliam loves all kinds of music and relished jumping about with the pom-poms and instruments. Despite it being our first visit, he clearly felt comfortable and joined in happily. All the children appeared to have fun and the relaxed atmosphere was very welcoming to all the adults, both parents and childminders.

There were eight children in our session, but groups are limited in size to twenty, with the same person usually leading each week to help develop relationships. There are classes throughout Rugby, Lutterworth, Daventry and Northampton, so everyone should be able to find one that suits them.

In the past I have been unsure about music groups, and never took my eldest son to one at all. However, this Music Bugs session has shown me that there is a lot to be gained from such activities. It was a rewarding way to spend some quality time with William and get plenty of giggles in to the bargain. We would love to go again as I’m sure it would be even more fun once we both knew the songs and the other children a little better. I would not hesitate to recommend Music Bugs to anyone who is looking for a stimulating activity to take part in with their little one. The singing, dancing and interaction are all great for children’s development, but, like all the best learning, are wrapped in fun and games that children will love.

Where to find Music Bugs

Music BugsMusic Bugs run classes through the week in Grange Park, Hardingstone, Abington and Rugby.

See more details on Music Bugs sessions.

Call Fiona Bayliss to book your place, or for more information, on 0844 5781017. Alternatively, visit the Music Bugs website.

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