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How to Have a Calm and Comfortable Birth

Written by Annalie Lockhart, Hypnobirthing practitioner and founder of Birth Harmony

Women who decide to birth naturally are often sniggered at and told 'you'll soon change your mindwhen you are in labour', and women who have experienced a comfortable and easy birth are often labelled as 'lucky'. However, more and more women are discovering that by trusting their instinct and learning how to relax during labour, it is possible to have a calm, comfortable and joyous birth.

Women who have prepared for the birthing of their baby and have birthed in a calm and relaxed manner feel incredibly empowered following their births, which is also believed to help to reduce the risk of post natal depression. They also commonly report to have very content babies, from the day they are born.

Fear plays a large part in causing labour and birth to be painful. It causes the body to release adrenalin which hinders the production of oxytocin (which is vital for labour to progress) and endorphins (the body's natural painkiller). Much of this fear comes from expectations created by listening to other people's stories and watching sensational birth programmes and dramatic film scenes. Even the simple fact that pain relief is available makes us believe that birth must therefore be painful.

Hypnobirthing classes give mums-to-be the tools and techniques to be deeply relaxed, whilst being able to have a fully active labour, allowing the body to work as it should. The tools help reduce the feelings of fear in pregnancy and at the onset of labour, and there are specific breathing techniques to help in labour and to birth comfortably.

Self hypnosis, which is the 'hypno' bit of hypnobirthing, enables the mother to achieve this deep state of relaxation, whilst maintaining complete control.

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Hypnobirthing is incredibly useful wherever mums decide to have their baby and with a wealth of different instructors in Northamptonshire, there is a class out there that is right for everyone.

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