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Cranial Osteopathy - The Mystery Revealed

The famous Christophe Becquereau sheds some light on this treatment for babies

By Christophe Becquereau, B.Sc (Hons) Osteo

Christophe Becquereau at work10 years ago Christophe Becquereau was working at his Osteopathy clinic when he was approached by a colleague’s client who had a 2 week-old baby with a cone head due to a long and difficult delivery and the use of ventouse. With a gap in his schedule, he agreed to treat the baby’s head there and then with functional subtle technique. It took a couple of minutes and the swelling went away in less than 24 hours. And with that his reputation was born! Word of mouth spread and children have been coming to the clinic ever since.

The common belief with Cranial Osteopathy (or Cranial Massage) is that we manipulate the bones of the skull, but the reality is far from that and, to be fair, somewhat more confusing. In fact, we do not move the bones of the skull at all - we release the tension to allow the bones to move to their designed position.

Cranial Osteopathy is a subtle technique, and this has so far made it difficult to scientifically prove what it does. No medicine is 100% efficient, and this has lead to scepticism and criticism from other professions. Here are some answers to frequently-asked questions:

Why is it needed?

During the process of pregnancy, a baby may encounter many forces and pressures to their head and bodies that can cause discomfort after birth. It could be that their head is bigger than mum’s pelvis, the umbilical cord could be wrapped around the arm, pressing it into the side of the face, or the head could simply be engaged in an awkward position at the end of pregnancy. There are many possibilities which can cause the bones in the skull to be out of their correct positioning, causing pain or discomfort.

What do we do?

We take a picture to show you the various tensions imposed on your child’s face. This can make it easier to show parents the tension in the side of your baby’s face that is under trauma. Then we explain how the various tensions cause some or all of your baby’s symptoms.

Some babies will cry during the treatment (which doesn’t hurt), whilst others will smile and sleep much better immediately afterward. For some, the treatment takes just a moment, others a little longer. After a couple of treatments however, most babies feel happier and the whole family can get some rest!

Of course some of our patients have medical conditions (such as congenital hip displacement, hernias, early fusing of the suture etc) which we can assess but require more treatment than we can give. In these cases we will refer the baby to a consultant.

Adults & Animals

Cranial Osteopathy is not only used on children. Many adults come and ask for it as well. We can use it to treat women during pregnancy to help with hip and back pain, SPD, headaches and migraines. It allows us to balance deeper tension in people suffering with IBS and various other conditions which seem to benefit from a treatment that adjusts all the tensions in the body.

We also use these techniques very effectively on cats and dogs - and horses too! Pierre Antoye and I extend our services to animals and pets 2 days a week.

Symptoms that Cranial Osteopathy can alleviate and cure

Not latching on on one side; Snuffliness; Can’t lie on its back; Swallowing air giving him/her colic or making breathing difficult; Sick after food, etc).


Before treatment: notice the different tensions that can be seen in the two sides of the face

...and After

After treatment: the face looks symmetrical now as the tension has been released

If you have any questions or would like to know how Cranial Osteopathy could help you or your baby’s symptoms, you can contact Christophe and his team by email on [email protected]. Find out more at The Maple Tree Clinic website or on their Toddle About listing.

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