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Make a Miniature Kite

A Fun Summer activity to do with your little ones.

enjoying the kites

You Will Need:

• Old Plastic Bag (Nice and colourful!)
• 2 Straws
• Thread
• Ruler
• Piece of card (for Kite Template)
• Wooden Peg
• Scissors
• Sticky Tape
• Pen


1. Cut Out Your Kite

Using the ruler, draw and cut out a kite shape from the piece of card to make a template. The kite should be a about 21cm tall and about 14cm wide at its widest point. Then draw around it on your plastic bag. Once you're done, cut out the shape from your bag - here's the start of your kite!


2. Stick On Your Straws

Next, grab your two straws and place them in a cross shape across the centre of your kite. Stick the straws to your plastic bag with a little bit of sticky tape. After, you might need to trim the straws if they overlap the edge of your kite.


3. Create Your Kite Holder

WOW - your kite's starting to take shape now! Take one end of your thread and tie it underneath the straws where they cross in the middle - any knot is ok, as long as it's secure! Now unwind the rest of the thread and wrap it around your wooden peg - make sure you use lots of thread otherwiseyou might not catch any wind!


4. Add The Final Touches

Finally, cut a few slivers from your plastic bag and stick them to the bottom of your kite with sticky tape. Magic!

This craft is kindly provided by The Weekend Box – the craft box that gets delivered to your door every fortnight with 4 fun activities for you to enjoy with your children.

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